Steppes Travel: Six family holiday ideas for the perfect vacation

The experts at Steppes Travel tell us the best types of family holidays and how to enjoy them

Steppes family holidayAll family time is precious, but planning and taking a holiday together is a real investment in emotional wealth.

Nothing makes memories like a family holiday and, in the fast-paced world we live in, moments of uninterrupted togetherness can be rare. These moments become stories shared around the dinner table and photographs framed on the wall, with laughter, adventure and magic moments forever forged in collective hearts.

Voted a Conde Nast Top 5 Specialist Tour Operator 2023, Steppes Travel have been creating beautiful adventures and remarkable tailor made holidays for over 30 years. Designing holidays for families is a true Steppes specialty.

Our travel experts, all well used to travelling with their own tribes, will help create experiences that will bring you closer together, helping you to connect and form memories that will endure for many years to come.

Below are a selection of our favourite types of family holidays, filled with experiences that are perfect for sharing.Steppes family holidayBeach and the big blue

We love the beach. A place to stay, a place to play. A place to see, a place to just sit and be.

White sands, pinkish pebbles, the sound of surf or the lapping of a crystal tide, a beach is something to enjoy, the perfect stage for the perfect family adventure. To bathe, in sun or sea, to run or swim, to read, to doze and relax; to sail, paddle, to surf; to wade, to rock pool, to dive a reef, to find adventure in the maritime, in the place where land meets ocean meets sky.

A beach is an empty page; it’s for you and yours to write the story.

Discover holiday inspirationSteppes family holidayGeneration wild

The greatest adventures are to be found outside and our wild places are our greatest treasure.

Nothing fosters empathy and understanding like our natural world. Nothing makes us appreciate beauty and value like time spent in an empty wilderness, seeking The Big (and the little!) Five, watching birds, spotting lizards, experiencing the familiar and the new, marvelling at the vast Circle of Life. For families seeking the wilder side, our travel experts deliver safari, wilderness, and animal experiences that’ll excite, educate, and enthrall, while ensuring safety and security are continually catered for.

It’s time to embrace the khaki adventure!

Discover your wilder sideSteppes family holidayFreedom on the road

Family road trips – less of a traditional holiday, more of a small group expedition.

The opportunity of total freedom: ‘To map’ or ‘Not to map’. To decide: When to go left or right, when to put foot or when to just stop and look. Not so much ‘when will we get there’ as ‘where shall we go next’, immerse yourselves in silly games, sorting out playlists, snoozing, reading, spotting, singing and just seeing the world your way. Whatever the destination, the road is yours.

Turn the key. Put the music on. Roll down the windows and drive.

Discover freedom on the roadAction and adventure

Some people can’t sit still; and a holiday is simply a chance to do more. To exercise, to swim, to ride, to drive, to squeal, to laugh, to feel.

Whatever your thrill, whether it’s fat biking across the desert, dune riding down the coast, kayaking , hiking, sailing or zip-lining, whether it’s climbing, exploring, nosing, poking or peering, you’re in the right place. We’re specialists in families that like ‘to do’, that have lives to fill and sensations to seek. Test us; let us design your awfully big adventure. Push boundaries and find new ones.

These are the trips that dreams are made of.

Discover your action-packed escapeMessing about on boats

Messing around on the water, nothing beats it; it’s a joy we never grow out of. Being captain, playing pirates, discovering unknown shores—excitement and tranquility combine in generous measures.

Our boat-based family adventures, wherever they might take you, offer something for everyone of any age. Under sail across a distant sea, under steam as you chug down river, or as you’re serenaded by the slow, reassuring thump of engines as you explore a hidden inlet, fjord or cove.

We can guarantee adventure that will make time stand still, creating shipmates and salty sea dogs of you all.

Discover your boat-based adventureLiving culture

Empathy and understanding. That’s what travel gives you. A real picture of the world we live in and the people we share it with.

We all love to learn, and learning together simply adds to the fun. Food, architecture, history, ritual, superstitions, and traditions vary greatly across different places, combining to create recipes for constant wonder. Our world is complex, and for the sake of the future, we need to understand it better.

Our Travel Experts can help deliver the kind of education your young people truly need – an education that fills them with the knowledge necessary to bring us all closer together. It’s the kind of knowing we all require.

Discover living culture

Voted a Conde Nast Top Five Specialist Tour Operator 2023, Steppes Travel have been creating beautiful adventures and remarkable holidays for more than 30 years. Speak to our experts today to start your journey.
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