Steppes into adventure: 10 travel ideas for a trip like no other

Steppes Travel’s experts share their framework for living a life well travelled

Steppes TravelNext time you sit in a coffee shop, bar or restaurant – indeed anywhere people meet and talk – listen. Eavesdrop a little. You’ll discover something: travel tales and holiday stories flow like water, meandering their way into conversations, ebbing and flowing into our conscious and unconscious desires and dreams.

As people, we seem to have an inherent fascination with travel and exploration. We’re drawn to the well-travelled, creating heroes, revered as much for their adventure as for their experience, insight, humour and understanding.

Below are 10 ideas carefully curated by Steppes Travel in the knowledge that, if you took a trip like each of the ones below, you’d live a life like no other. That’s where we find our muse. We hope you find yours.­­SafariTHE SAFARI

A safari is a journey, a journey that offers a glimpse into life and its intricate web. Every creature plays a vital role. And us? We’re just one small part of a much grander design. A player in a team. An instrument in an orchestra.

Discover the symphony of raw wilderness and untamed beauty. Discover wildlife and movement in the depths of faraway lands. Discover an unspoken language, a rhythm that beats in harmony with the rustle of leaves and the call of distant birds. Safaris give us a deep appreciation for balance.Steppes TravelSPACE TRAVEL

Lose yourself in the vast. Savour the unparalleled magnificence of plains, of deserts and prairies. Feel small, taste freedom and welcome new energy. Experience rare tranquillity.

Allow far horizons to create a feeling of infinite space; space liberates your mind from the constraints of everyday concerns. The space to breathe deep and centre yourself; to observe the dancing of wildflowers in the wind, the flight of noble birds and watch play of light and shadow as the sun sets.Steppes TravelTHE EDGE OF WONDER

The path less travelled. A cliché for some, a magnetic force for others, drawing adventurous souls into the unknown. Its promise of excitement, discovery and endless possibilities, unmarked by footsteps but signposted unspoken stories and whispers of the wild.

Our universal human spirit craves that thrill of the unknown, to stand at the edge of wonder, yet few truly get to experience it. To discover the forgotten magic of existence and allow their curiosity to reign, where the journey of exploration is as transformative as the destination itself.Train journeyTHE TRAIN JOURNEY

To travel by train is to travel through the soul of a landscape, where history, culture and breath-taking countries seamlessly converge. The brilliance of a rail journey lies not in the convenience of reaching your destination, but in the immersive journey itself.

The world races forward, train travel brings you back. It encourages you to pause, to breathe and to witness the world passing by. It’s a reminder that we only get to be here once and, in those stolen moments at the window, you’ll relax, stop, rekindle and rejuvenate.Family holidayTHE FAMILY HOLIDAY

Nothing creates memories like a family holiday. In the fast-paced world we live in, moments of genuine, uninterrupted togetherness can be rare. Family time reconnects, rejuvenates and offers a tonic for the soul.

Family holidays are more than just trips, they’re investments in emotional wealth. They’re stories shared around the dinner table and photographs framed on the wall with laughter, adventure and shared experiences forever forged in collective hearts.MarketTHE GRAND TOUR

A Grand Tour. A Great Escape. A sanctuary from daily life, enchanting lands with captivating stories that will sweep you off your feet.

Experience a new palette of flavours, a new spectrum of colours. Explore every market, admire every artwork, taste every wine. Connect to the world’s immeasurable heritage. Find your passions and purpose and discover the glory of being different. The glory of being yourself.THE ROAD TRIP

Road trips aren’t just journeys; they’re odysseys that awaken the explorer within us. They present the freedom to abandon comfort zones and to discover the world in a way that no other mode of travel allows as every mile unveils a new story.

Succumb to strange. Surrender to spontaneity. Savour the deliciousness of the journey itself. In a world bound by routines and schedules, remember that the best moments are found in the road where the marvels of the world await.SteppesTHE VOYAGE

A voyage isn’t merely a holiday; it’s a gateway to and an exploration of the world’s most enchanting destinations, wrapped in the luxurious embrace of a floating paradise. Pristine Caribbean beaches, impressive Norwegian fjords, Antarctic peninsulas, every port of call is a new chanter in your story.

Wake up to new sights every day. Watch the sunset over an endless expanse of water. Feel a gentle salty breeze caress your skin like a sigh of relief.THE CULTURAL HOLIDAY

Open doors to a world of wonder. Go beyond the typical tourist attractions and delve into the heart of a destination. Untangle the threads of history, art and tradition.

Unravel what it means to be human. Enrich your soul and broaden your mind. Engage with local communities, sample authentic cuisine and discover a new appreciation of different ways of life.

Find moments and hear stories that will leave you feeling transformed, gaining a perspective that will transcend borders and stereotypes.THE TREK

Mountains offer solace for weary minds. Deserts allow you to breathe for what feels like the first time. Jungle ignites the soul. Trekking gets you there. Discover landscapes that revitalise your senses.

In those unexplored trails, you’ll find more than just breathtaking vistas; you’ll discover new strength in the present. Trekking through the wilderness is not only an adventure, but a transformative experience that will inspire you to reach new heights. To go further. To see more.

These ideas barely scrape the surface; everyone wants a Beautiful Adventure, let us help you design yours.

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