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Evian Resort France

By Judy Cogan | 22 May 2024

Discover the healing power of France’s oldest spa town at the Evian Resort

Evian is well known for its natural mineral-rich water, but at the Evian Resort in France, there is more to H2...

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Bali wellness

By Michelle Johnson | 7 May 2024

Sacred sanctuaries: How Bali’s most extraordinary luxury resorts are redefining wellness

Forget the social media tourist traps and backpacker retreats, Bali’s beachside resorts and rainforest reser...

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Steppes Travel

By Tempus | 17 April 2024

Steppes into adventure: 10 travel ideas for a trip like no other

Steppes Travel’s experts share their framework for living a life well travelled...

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Things to do in Paris besides Olympic Games

By Shivani Dubey | 9 April 2024

Things to do in Paris this summer besides the Olympic Games

We round up the most exciting cultural events — from food festivals to exhibitions — happening in Paris th...

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Dolomites UNESCO

By Shivani Dubey | 4 April 2024

Lesser known must-visit UNESCO heritage sites of 2024

With World Heritage Day around the corner, we cast a spotlight on the lesser known UNESCO heritage sites that ...

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Scottsdale, Arizona

By Shivani Dubey | 18 March 2024

The best luxury destinations for astrotourism

For those looking to explore the world amongst the stars, we have compiled a handy guide for everything you ne...

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On Location Olympic Games 2024

By Shivani Dubey | 13 March 2024

Top events to attend at the Olympic Games Paris 2024

As we inch closer to the start of the Olympic Games, we find out the best events to catch at Paris 2024 with h...

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JW Marriott Maldives

By Peter Malmstrom | 16 February 2024

Discover the island community that is making the Maldives more luxurious than ever

How do you improve paradise? Tempus heads back to the Maldives to discover the resorts — and the people — ...

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Northern Sardinia

By Vicki Power | 13 February 2024

The azure lure of Northern Sardinia

An Italian island with its own flair and flavours, Northern Sardinia offers a tranquil and luxurious retreat...

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Olympic Games On Location

By Shivani Dubey | 8 February 2024

Experience the Olympic Games Paris 2024 in style with On Location

As the first of its kind hospitality experience in the competition’s history, On Location is the official ho...

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Valentine's Mauritius

By Shivani Dubey | 7 February 2024

The best luxury romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day

Planning a honeymoon retreat or a romantic getaway to celebrate the month of love? We’ve rounded up some of ...

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luxury spa hotels

By Tempus | 31 January 2024

The six best five-star luxury spa hotels in the UK

Looking for a weekend getaway that leaves you rejuvenated? We’ve rounded up some of the most luxurious spas ...

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By Shivani Dubey | 26 January 2024

The nine must have luxury travel experiences of 2024

Planning your travel calendar for the year? From the wonders of Europe to the serenity of Asia, these are the ...

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By Shivani Dubey | 21 December 2023

Best of 2023: presenting the most indelible luxury travel destinations, hotels and restaurants of the year

From super yachts to private members' clubs, we compile our selection of the best luxury hotels, restaurant an...

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Rosewood Munich

By Stephanie Gavan | 8 December 2023

Winter Wonderland: Christmas at Rosewood Munich

Discover how the newly opened Rosewood Munich is the perfect luxury escape — just in time for Christmas...

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Get away from the White Lotus crowds at Sicily’s picturesque Verdura Resort

By Vicki Power | 5 December 2023

Get away from the White Lotus crowds at Sicily’s picturesque Verdura Resort

Rocco Forte Hotels’ upmarket Verdura Resort on Sicily’s southwestern coast is a private escape all year ro...

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Discover Comporta, Portugal’s best kept secret for the ultra-chic

By Judy Cogan | 4 December 2023

Discover Comporta, Portugal’s best kept secret for the ultra-chic

From Christian Louboutin’s Vermelho Hotel to the AlmaLusa Comporta, this European hotspot is the new place t...

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Tenerife Canary Islands

By Sam Bradley | 1 December 2023

Tenerife’s five-star luxury promises winter fun for all the family

Look no further than these curated Canary Island hotels for five-star family travels...

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