What are the best sites for luxury rentals in 2022?

By Tempus | 10 May 2022 | Travel

If you need to take your holiday accommodation to the next level, try one of these excellent sites

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If you’re in search of an opulent rental home for an extravagant holiday, there are plenty of sites online that specialise in high-end accommodation. While it may be wise to steer away from options like AirBnb, where there are scare stories such as unlicenced stays, there are still some mainstream providers with exceptional service. Here are a few of the top sites for luxury rentals in 2022.

Isle Blue

One of the most popular and trusted sites for high-end listings is Isle Blue. The global brand has been in the business since 2013 and it has become an industry leader in that time. One of the ways that it has shot to global status has been down to the eye-catching promotions on its home page, which include 7-day support, 100 percent fraud protection, and no booking or promotion fees. 

These features help Isle Blue make it to the top of aggregator lists, which are usually compiled based on good reviews and the promotions available. It’s commonly seen in competitive industries on the web, with the online casino sector being a prime example. For instance, players usually search through online slot reviews before deciding where to play. These include details about the welcome bonuses, games, and payment methods.

To search for high-end properties on Isle Blue, you can easily alter the search parameters so that it only shows the utmost luxury in your desired destination. You can check the user reviews as well to make sure that there are no surprises before your stay.

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Villas of Distinction

For a site that only deals in elite holiday homes, Villas of Distinction is one of the top options online. It lists some truly spectacular homes in some of the world’s most exclusive travel locations. Some of the places it covers include the Amalfi Coast in Italy, Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands, and Provence in south-eastern France. These jaw-dropping locations are hotspots for the ultra-rich, and this is reflected in the amazing properties available.

When browsing on Villas of Distinction, you can search for your desired location and then browse through some of the site’s recommendations. These are based on reviews from previous customers. Alternatively, you can click on individual locations within a wider region and see the listings at each of them. Most of the places on the site are priced in excess of £3000 per night.

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For longer stays in some of the world’s grandest homes, Sotheby’s International Realty is the best for high rollers. It lists prime houses in incredible locations, many of which are up for sale or rent. For example, you could rent out an elite pool mansion in Bridgehampton, New York, for £500,000 per month. That gives you an indication of how lavish its listings are.

The site allows you to browse a map of the world, with numbers on each country showing how many properties are available. Zoom in, and you’ll be able to search based on specific locations. When you’ve found a spot you like, you can see pictures and descriptions of the amazing holiday homes on offer.

For people in search of the trip of a lifetime, sometimes it can be a better option to choose a high-end home over a five-star hotel. By browsing these options, you’ll be able to find the perfect luxury home.