The nine must have luxury travel experiences of 2024

Planning your travel calendar for the year? From the wonders of Europe to the serenity of Asia, these are the luxury travel experiences you should have on your radar

Figuring out where to go on your next vacation can be a challenging task. However, there are some experiences that a person should have at least once in their life. So, with the help of Virtuoso, the global network specialising in luxury travel, we have compiled a list of the nine must-have luxury travel experiences everyone should have for an adventurous 2024.Northern lights luxury travel trendsThe dark sky tourism of Norway and Iceland

The Northern Lights are a phenomenon that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime — and the European havens of Norway and Iceland are the best places to do it. Surrounded by clear skies and more stars than you can ever see in the London sky, this is one phenomenon you don’t want to miss. And for the star gazers who prefer a warmer climate, they can view the total solar eclipse on the 8 April in Northern Mexico. African safari luxury travelThe slow safaris of Africa

Set off for a slow safari that grants an unhurried view of Africa’s stunning landscapes and quieter inhabitants, providing the ideal counterbalance to the more adrenaline-inducing wildebeest migration and lion hunts. You can go gorilla trekking in Rwanda or bird watching in Botswana. And if you’d like to make your trip more sustainable, you can make sure you’re maximising the effect of your spending on wildlife conservation and environmental programs with the help of a professional travel adviser.Bhutan luxury travelSeek solace in the Bhutan, the Land of Smiles

Bhutan is known as the Land of Smiles because it is the happiest country in the world, so what better place to seek some much needed solace and reprieve than somewhere you can be perpetually happy? Bhutan’s fresh mountain air and warm-hearted locals provide sanctuary for visitors in search of authenticity and enlightenment — perfect for people looking for a little wellness retreat in the heart of Asia. 

Another optimal wellness destination: Thailand. Aside from well-known areas like Chiang Mai and Koh Samui, Thailand offers an array of tranquil beaches and hidden oases for relaxation and renewal — and a traditional Thai massage or two.SakuraBehold the beauty of Japan’s springtime Sakura

Japan is one country that everyone should visit at least once, mainly because it has a little bit of everything — the ultimate luxury travel destination. You can bask in the beautiful Sakura cherry blossoms and springtime merriment, or enjoy the ski slopes surrounded by the backdrop of Mount Fuji. You can find modern and futuristic but also spirituality and culture. Not to mention the incredible cuisine that captivates travellers. This is one destination you should definitely have on your travel list this year.White Desert AntarcticaExplore the rare and remote wilderness of Antarctica

Take an expedition cruise to Antarctica or the Galapagos Islands. Adventure cruising has seen a boom in recent years and allowed nature lovers unprecedented access to some of the most pristine and remote landscapes on Earth.

And if that’s not tempting enough, read our experience of venturing into the heart of Antarctica with White Desert here.Orient Express luxury travelJourney from Paris to Istanbul on the Venice-Simplon Orient Express

If you’re looking to make plans in the month of August, this voyage across Europe features a guided tour of Budapest, lavish four-course meals and a live pianist in the evenings. Arrive in Paris ahead of schedule to attend the 2024 Olympics or simply to enjoy the city for its exquisite art, dining, shopping and sophistication.Chelsea flower showPursue your pastime passions in London, New Zealand or Prague

The RHS Chelsea Flower show happens every year and is a must-see for any gardening enthusiasts. Or if you’re a bookworm, head over to the Strahov Monastery in Prague for a serene literary reprieve. Or if you’d like to venture into the southern hemisphere by exploring the beauty of New Zealand. And if none of that interests you, find your groove by attending the Rio Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.Peruvian foodGo on a culinary world tour

Savour generations of tradition, artistry and love in a single bite by travelling around the world and tasting the cultural cuisines of the local land. From Peruvian picarones at the Mistura Food Festival and the street foods of Slovania to hands-on cooking classes with a family in Vietnam, go on a culinary world tour and gain invaluable insight into a destination’s history and way of life, while also supporting the local communities.Private islandCharter a private island

If with complete peace and privacy is how you want to holiday, then why not charter an island just for yourself? Revel in the freedom of absolute seclusion no itineraries, no timetables and no agendas except your own. 

Dive with endangered species or explore underwater caves and secret waterfalls as you make the most of your trip. And if adventure sports are not something you’re into, choose to bask in the sun at the pristine white-sand beaches with a cocktail or two in hand. There is no wrong way to enjoy paradise, after all.

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