INTERVIEW: Pictorum Capitis co-founders Matthew and Jackson Navin

By Tempus | 22 Oct 2021 | Leaders, Art

The entrepreneurs are disrupting the art world with their new-school approach as investment incubators and patrons to diverse emerging talent

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When it comes to the vibrant world of art investment, there has never been a more exciting time to discover the stars of tomorrow – so long as one knows how to navigate the art world, that is.

While it often seems that so much is focused on ‘who you know’, emerging art investment gallery Pictorum Capitis is creating a clearer path, by disrupting the traditional model with a unique approach that establishes collaboration and incubation at its core. The goal, in short, is to help a diverse collective of emerging artists develop both practically and professionally.

Founded by entrepreneur Matthew (left, with his brother Jackson), Pictorum Capitis fosters a new style of patron for contemporary talent, with a four-pillar strategy to support artists and investors alike.

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* Matthew Navin

The company incubates emerging talent through artist management, talent development and representation; disrupts the barriers of entry into the art market for the next generation of collectors by implementing transparency; and is committed to technological development, such as blockchain certifications and DNA tagging. Finally, Pictorum Capitis is devoted to becoming a modern version of an artist’s patron, creating meaningful connections between investors and artists as well as ethical sponsorship of emerging artists to ensure their personal and financial fulfilment.

“Art investment has, traditionally, been a closed shop,” says founder and CEO Matthew, who left the financial sector to focus on his dream of collaborating with young artists. “The domain of those who have experience in the art world and with considerable sums to invest. If you are not part of this inner circle, art investment is an incredibly daunting prospect. This is a shame as art can bring a lot of pleasure and offer considerable returns, both culturally and financially.

“Art can do more than brighten a living space and with the rising popularity of contemporary art, the way this asset is managed should also change. We are dedicated to setting a new precedent for supporting emerging artists, developing collections and breaking down barriers to ensure that art is open to all,” he says.

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* Jackson Navin

First founded as an art advisory and brokerage company in 2018, Matthew is now expanding this model with the opening of two exciting physical galleries that will become the centrepiece of his vision of a collaborative artistic community.

UMA Gallery will open later this year in Loughton to showcase new urban and contemporary works, while the new flagship Pictorum Gallery will come to Mayfair in February 2022 with a range of spectacular original artistic works by artists including SYMBLE, Boogie Moli, Célia Agloboto, JAKOB and Stazzy.

The galleries will provide a welcome space for investors, artists, curators, art-lovers and more to collaborate on impactful programmes to benefit all areas of the art world. Pictorum Capitis’ talent development programme has already seen 200 works produced by its portfolio of emerging talent, with exhibitions and more planned for next year.

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“Pictorum’s primary objective is to transform the historic exclusivity of art and the way art is transacted. We have spotted the necessity for change and ensured our model is both ethical and rewarding for all involved,” says Jackson, who serves as the brand’s director of business development.

Jackson points out that, through the challenges of 2020, contemporary art performance experienced a 6.7% growth as younger, affluent buyers took advantage of easier market access – facilitated by online sales. As such, the contemporary art segment now account to 15% of the global art market, driven by younger buyers – 21% of contemporary collectors are under 40.

As such, Pictorum Capitis offers periodic valuations on artwork, art advisory services that cover guidance on insurance, transportation and even installation of your art, a personal art investment advisor who can guide the expansion of your collection, educational tools such as auction reports, and access to art fairs and studio tours.

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“Our innovative investment business model is ethically designed to both intellectually and financially fulfil the objectives of our investors and partnered artists,” says Matthew.

“Through technological expertise and insightful knowledge, our programme intends to disrupt the entry barriers of the art market for the next generation of collectors who want to benefit from art’s intrinsic value and build a meaningful connection with their collection."