F1 Drive: The world’s first Formula 1 karting experience has come to London

Formula 1 fans can now race like Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton as the racing giants launch the first ever F1 Drive in London

Formula 1 F1 Drive LondonFormula 1 fans can now release their inner Max Verstappen here in London as the racing giants launch the first ever F1 Drive – London experience. The karting experience, based at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, is designed to be an authentic driving experience for would-be F1 drivers, utilising immersive technology and simulated drag reduction to allow drivers to get as close to F1 conditions as possible.

The F1 Drive – London experience is open now, bringing guests closer than ever to the exhilarating on-track battles performed by their favourite Formula 1 drivers during a Grand Prix weekend. Immersive in-kart audio will feature sound effects taken from onboard recordings of the cars of Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc during an F1 Grand Prix this season, live driving tips and commentary from F1 commentators David Croft and Naomi Schiff, as well as a simulated drag reduction system (DRS) button on the steering wheel, which will allow for participants to increase their speed when they’re close to the competitor in front. F1 Drive LondonDrivers will be able to use DRS to defend against their competitors and add tactical elements to their race. Providing they are close to the competitor in front, the karts will produce greater acceleration and a higher top speed — just as in Formula 1 — when the driver presses the button in a ‘DRS detection zone’ on the track. There will also be a boost button, which will deliver additional power for short bursts of time.

The steering wheels will also have an 18cm LED display, providing data and updates to the driver such as lap times, intervals, boost level and flags. Timing screens, sector times and colours matching official F1 broadcast graphics will also be included to further add authenticity.

The state of the art, in-stadium karting facility will be based below Tottenham Hotspur Stadium’s South Stand, and feature separate tracks for both adults and juniors. The experience will be fully accessible, with dual karts available to cater to wheelchair users and other accessibility requirements.F1 Drive LondonAt the time of the announcement, Jonny Haworth, F1 director of commercial partnerships, said that he is excited for fans to have a karting experience that “truly captures the feeling and atmosphere of Formula 1”, hoping this will prove an entry point to the sport for as many people as possible.

“Whether you are just starting out on your motorsport journey with your eyes set on the F1 Grid or are looking for a great day out with family and friends, F1 Drive – London can deliver an authentic F1 experience for all,” he said. “I am excited to see the karts launch and track testing begin, and I can’t wait to see our fans hitting the track in the new year.”

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