How Enomatic is elevating wine cellar enjoyment with perfect fine wine preservation

EnoDirect’s Sally McGill shares how the fine wine dispense system is making waves in our homes and estates

EnomaticWhen it comes to sampling wine, the Enomatic wine dispense system is a world-leading wonder, allowing oenophiles to sample their favourite tipples while keeping the wine itself fresh and long-lasting. First created in Italy and designed for hospitality venues — many of us will be familiar with the systems at Hedonism, The Sampler, and Nobu to name a few — UK distributor EnoDirect has now introduced the Enomatic for personal use, so its wine collector clients can recreate the perfect pour at home.  

“The dispensers are beautifully designed – from a 2-bottle to an 8-bottle dual temperature dispenser,” says Sally McGill, EnoDirect’s commercial director. “We install for private wine cellars, kitchens and dining rooms, as well as across the hospitality sector, which is where we started.”

The dispensers provide a 21-day preservation of wines – meaning enthusiasts can enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or host a tasting session for friends, without having to worry about the wine spoiling. The dispensers can also pour three separate volumes per bottle position, avoiding any wastage.

“It’s very user friendly, both in operation and in providing a lovely glass of wine,” says Sally. “We feel as if we partner with our clients rather than just sell a product. Our R&D department has been continually reviewing our evolving product line for over 18 years, taking feedback from our customers — who are best suited to tell us how it is to use our systems in a daily environment.”

Here, Sally explains how Enomatic can be used at home to preserve wine, uplift a personal wine collection, and provide that perfect pour every time.Sally, what sets Enomatic apart from other wine serving and preservation systems? 
Other than the quality of the components and longevity in the marketplace, we have been in business as a UK distributor for more than 12 years — with our Italian R&D department working to evolve the brand for over two decades — ensuring that we stay current and able to serve our customers in the best way possible. We partner with all of our customers to provide the best service possible and to support them and their businesses. 

How can customers get the best out of an Enomatic system?
Enomatic is for anyone who appreciates wine. Whether it is a luxury item for the home or a great tool in the hospitality industry, it is the perfect way to serve fine wines by the glass. In a home setting, Enomatic is a beautiful addition to your cellar or kitchen, providing preservation for 21 days — so you can pick and choose without worrying that the wine will spoil. 

How does Enomatic help ensure the quality of the wines?
Firstly, it’s incredibly simple to use: the dispensers use patented technology and inert gas to displace the air in open bottles and so provide the preservation technique safely. You can programme three volume sizes for each bottle position (for example, you might choose to programme in options for a small tasting pour, a 125ml glass and a 175ml glass), which is lovely for a dinner party or wine tasting event. You can also make sure that each wine is served at the correct temperature, whether white, red or rosé, which ensures you are getting the best possible experience with every glass.How does that benefit your business customers?
For our business customers, this all translates into eliminating waste and increasing profits. We find that companies are able to expand their by-the-glass offerings of premium wines, which is great for the business in terms of profits and a win for the consumer, who can enjoy fine wine by the glass. We also find that consumers tend to broaden their tastes and start to enjoy different wines that they wouldn’t usually have tried, just by having the ability to select a small pour first before committing to a larger glass. 

What’s really interesting is that our systems are relevant in every type of venue — a small village pub is very different to a high-end restaurant or hotel, but the benefits are the same. Consumers enjoy a nice glass of wine whether they are in a village or a city, but the key is finding your sweet spot — from choosing the right wines to serve by the glass according to your clientele and demographic, wines that wouldn’t usually be available by the glass — and then it’s a win-win: businesses see a profit in the sales of wines by the glass, and consumers have a choice of wines that might not usually be available. 

Where can wine preservation and serving systems go from here? Are there any designs or products on the drawing board that you can let us in on? 
We continue to evolve. Our newest series, the Roma, has been well received in the industry — and they are beautiful. They supersede the previous Elite systems, still with the patented tapping head technology but with some new bells and whistles, new wallpaper choices and a larger touch screen. We’re also involved in some exciting integration projects, with retailers including M&S, cruise ships, vineyards, hotel and hospitality management systems — it keeps us busy and on our toes. 

To find out more about EnoDirect’s at home Enomatic dispense systems, visit, email or contact 0208 1035651.

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