The best luxury destinations for astrotourism

For those looking to explore the world amongst the stars, we have compiled a handy guide for everything you need to know about astrotourism for the perfect stargazing experience

AstrotourismTravelling today is not just about visiting destinations anymore. It is about having the next big adventure — jet setting across the world to have some of the rarest travel experiences one can have. From venturing into the unexplored parts of the world to having curated experiences based on an interest or hobby of your choice in complete luxury, the avenues of travelling have never been more exciting. And one such experience is astrotourism.

Today, more and more people want to escape the light polluted skies of the cities and experience places where the skies are blanketed in twinkling stars. Astrotourism or dark sky tourism, therefore, has become a growing sector of the tourism industry that is specifically designed for globetrotting stargazers who want to explore space, celestial objects and the physical universe. This experience sees people travel to nature-rich destinations with minimal light pollution to spot the stars and planets more easily. 

So how does one partake in astrotourism in the most luxurious way possible? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best luxury destinations for anyone wanting to have the perfect globetrotting stargazing experience. Here’s everything you need to know before you embark on a stargazing adventure of your own.Astrotourism TenerifeAbama, Tenerife

The Canary Islands are one of the best destinations to experience astrotourism in the world. Due to minimal light pollution and routinely good weather this Spanish haven is the perfect place for stargazing thanks to the clear skies and unparalleled views on offer. Tourists can often find themselves witnessing constellations like the Great Bear and the Plough and even planets like Mars and Neptune within minutes of sun setting here.

Stay at the Ritz-Carlton, Abama which is located on the slopes of Mount Teide volcano in the highest point of Spain for the ultimate luxury staycation while you explore the stars. Offering year-round sun and temperate climates throughout the harsh winters of the UK, the observatory records nearly 300 days a year when the sky is cloud-free, making it the perfect luxury escape for guests seeking a stargazing adventure.Scottsdale, ArizonaScottsdale, Arizona

Across the pond in the desert city of Scottsdale, Arizona, is the perfect destination for space enthusiasts and tourists to go stargazing all year round. Scottsdale has the Forest Hills, which is home to one of two international dark sky communities accessible from a metropolitan area. Surrounded by the McDowell Mountains and Native American reservations of Yavapai, this community is very sparsely populated, which means light pollution is at a minimum.

For the best luxury lodging experience with built in tools for all your astrotourism needs, the Adero Scottsdale Resort is the place to go. The hotel has many high-definition telescopes stationed at the hotel for this express purpose. There is also their in-house night sky program, Find Your Way, which guests can partake in to enhance their stargazing experience. Also on hand at the hotel are the star dudes, who are notorious for their extensive knowledge of astronomy, to help guests spot all the right consolations Al WadiAl Wadi Desert, Ras Al Khaimah

The Al Wadi desert in Ras Al Khaimah provides the perfect landscape for tourists to learn about the solar system. Sandy deserts are naturally the best places to use telescopes because they are sparsely populated, which means there is next to no light pollution for miles. Therefore, the Al Wadi desert makes for a great destination for a truly exhilarating astrotourism experience.

About an hour’s drive from Dubai is the Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert, which not only offers a luxury staycation for tourists but also provides the adventures of the desert in one luxurious location. Guests can make use of the vast expanse of the hotel and the desert to go stargazing on a sunset camel caravan, or with a nice cocktail in hand over a nice dinner among the sandy dunes. There are also astronomy experts who are available on hand to help guests spot stars, constellations, visible planets and galaxies, which makes this one of the unmissable destinations for anyone who wants to reach for the stars.

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