With revolutionary nanotechnology and otherworldly materials, the Senturion Key could be the most unique supercar accessory in the universe

By Rachel Ingram | 15 Jul 2019 | Style, Speed, Technology

Tempus speaks to the Senturion Key founders about how they are shooting for the stars

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In a modern era where we can pay for bills with our phones and unlock devices with our faces, the physical act of carrying car keys seems an unnecessary obligation. Car keys are one of the last mechanical accessories to be replaced with a digital alternative, and while some lower-end vehicles can be unlocked remotely – in March, Hyundai unveiled a digital lock that’s accessible through an app – supercars have retained a traditional key-in-lock system. Until now.

Senturion is an innovative British brand that has produced a revolutionary nanotechnology system enabling supercar owners to unlock their vehicles with a wrist-worn key, or bracelet. A Senturion is not just your standard piece of wearable technology – the famously unfashionable Apple watch didn’t exactly do wonders for the world of digital watches – it’s a work of art, both visually and technologically.

The practice of wearing keys dates back to Roman times. History tells us that affluent Romans would wear keys like rings or necklaces so their peers would know that they were rich and important enough to own things that needed protection. This notion returns for the modern consumer through Senturion’s unique key bracelets. And while, there’s still a bit of Romanesque status-exhibition when one wears a Senturion key – models range from £16,000 to more than £200,000 – they’re also incredibly practical.

Senturion keys are embedded with world-leading RFID transmission technology that synchronises with all car brands, including Bentley, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Bugatti, McLaren, Porsche, Pagani and Aston Martin.

It takes over 70 hours to hand-assemble each Senturion, using more than 1,000 unique components. Each is crafted from the finest materials – from titanium to rose gold; diamonds to, yes, meteorites – and each metal frame is hand-cast and polished by expert craftsmen, with flawless stones set by master jewellers. What’s more, each collection is limited to no more than seven pieces, guaranteeing that, with the world population at seven billion, each owner will be one in a billion. >>

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If one in a billion is not precious enough, the true luxury connoisseur can commission a one-of-a-kind one-off. These totally bespoke pieces can be customised to the owner’s tastes, or designed to match their car’s appearance, right down to the colour scheme, leather and stitching.

Stars who have commissioned such statement pieces include Olympic runner Usain Bolt, the proud owner of a bespoke Meteorite Senturion, and footballer David Luiz, who wears a bespoke black diamond model – the Chelsea defender also commissioned a special collection of 30 Senturions for each player in his team to celebrate its Premier League win in 2017.

The latest model, the Full Meteorite S177 Senturion, is the most exclusive to date. While previous models have contained elements of meteorite – a four billion-year-old asteroid found in Africa – the S177 is the first crafted entirely from the ancient precious material.

“This is a unique opportunity to strap a shooting star to your wrist and have it open and start your supercar,” says a Senturion spokesperson. “This is our most exclusive Senturion range to go on general release and the first fashioned entirely from meteorite. The pattern seen on the meteorite is a result of the fusion of nickel and iron which is created as a star dies and then leaves the metal to cool for billions of years in space. This truly is a unique item and something that will give many years of pride in ownership.”

The S177 retails at a cool £211,550. Entry level shoppers can try out Senturion’s more accessible range, with pieces encased in titanium and starting at £16,000. To view the range in its stunning entirety, you can’t just walk into a boutique. Instead, you’re invited to request an appointment at the company’s showroom in Mayfair.

With this ultra-exclusive brand setting a trend for wearable keys, starting your supercar the traditional way could soon be a thing of the past. Senturion keys can be viewed by appointment only at the Senturion showroom in Mayfair, London.