Why is the UEFA Champions League one of the world's most luxurious competitions?

13 May 2021 | Sport
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* Photo by @garth_manthe/unsplash

Week after week, football pundits claim that Harry Kane will leave Tottenham Hotspur if they don’t play Champions League football. While that’s not untrue, people who don’t follow the sport deeply are likely wondering why. Isn’t it about doing what you love? Tom Brady left the New England Patriots and went to a new team with no guarantee that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would make it to the Super Bowl, but he did it because he loves the game. Of course, those situations are different. Tom Brady had already won six Super Bowls before moving, while Harry Kane has won zero Champions League titles. That said, if Spurs don't play Champions League football, Kane's move would be about more than just winning something. The European competition is one of the most romantic in football.

What’s So Special About Champions League Football? 

At the end of the day, the Champions League is still football. Fans get invested, excited, disappointed, and punters bet on UEFA Champions League odds. For instance, this year, people can bet on whether they think Chelsea will beat Manchester City or vice versa on May 29. However, while there are similarities between a Champions League game and a Championship game, such as betting on matches, they are also vastly different. The Champions League is more luxurious.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

The Champions League is football at its highest level. It’s the elite of the elite. Some of the most famous teams in the world compete against each other, such as Barcelona, Liverpool, and Bayern Munich. For players, it’s an honour to be involved. For companies, the Champions League is a great way to generate revenue.

It’s not new for brands to sponsor teams or events. For instance, Paris St. Germain has a collaboration with Air Jordan. However, since the Champions League is on a pedestal, the companies that get involved are often luxury brands rather than middle-tier sports apparel companies. Most notably is Hugo Boss’ involvement in the competition. Since 2014, Hugo Boss has been the official tailor of Paris St. Germain. The Boss x PSG partnership sees the German luxury fashion house provide jackets for their Champions League matches. Hugo Boss has similar partnerships with Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.