Why Audi is and always has been a top-quality manufacturer

19 Jul 2021
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If you were to make a Venn diagram of heritage car brands versus the commercial behemoths of today, you’ll find that most well-known automotive manufacturers find themselves firmly in one circle or the other. Considering the makeup of its four ringed badge, it’s perhaps appropriate that Audi would be one of the few names that finds itself in both.

A German car maker whose history extends as far back as the 19th century, Audi AG has enjoyed a special place in the market across its 100-plus years of operation, having enjoyed success across virtually all key automotive disciplines, including car manufacturing, motorcycles, engine production and motor racing.

Today, Audi’s focus lies in producing luxury cars that deliver in every aspect of the driving experience, by the million, every single year. It’s a credit to the brand that we automatically associate it with quality, but what are the reasons Audi has long been revered as a top-quality manufacturer?

A class leader in every segment

Audi’s market reach is extensive, and for every car segment you can name, there is likely an Audi model near the top of the tree. The Audi “A” family enjoys huge success in the hatchback and saloon markets, while their “Q” models are an established premium competitor in the wildly popular SUV section. Any petrolhead will know an “R” attached to any Audi creation denotes exceptional performance, meanwhile, with the brand’s racing pedigree apparent through a variety of beastly estate, coupe and supercar-level offerings.

Essentially, if you’re interested in a new Audi, there is almost certainly a top-end model available to you, regardless of the car type you want. It’s this consistency in quality across all areas of the car market that has helped give the manufacturer the outstanding reputation it has.

Typical German efficiency, wrapped in an effortlessly stylish package

Modern society is not a fan of stereotypes – nor should it be – but when it comes to the positive adage surrounding German car makers and their engineering efforts, it’s no bad thing that the stereotype still reigns true.

Audi sits alongside a few other German auto stalwarts (Mercedes, BMW and Porsche to name but a few) in its relentless commitment to creating ruthlessly efficient, reliable and well-designed vehicles. The familiar design concept of every Audi has remained largely unchanged for decades, no doubt because of the evergreen aesthetic appeal of all of its models. On the inside, the brand tends to keep things simple and stylish, but the substance is delivered too in the form of industry leading technology.

Audi’s rather famous “Vorsprung Durch Technik” tagline translates to “progress through technology” – something which the manufacturer has undoubtedly done through the years. That effort to stay ahead of the pack in design terms has kept Audi’s name set apart from many other commercial giants in quality terms.

A dodger of depreciation

Audis are not the cheapest cars out there, but they certainly aren’t designed to be. What they can be pitched as is a value for money option, not only in the quality they provide for the price they cost, but also their ability to retain value in a market where depreciation on new and nearly new cars is particularly severe.

Of course, no new car, including an Audi, is immune to a substantial drop in resale value in the first few years of ownership, but the widespread popularity of the brand, combined with the excellent reliability, efficiency and quality features, make Audis a highly desirable choice in the used car market. Because of that, owners can expect to see better returns from an Audi upon selling over most other brands. And while that’s not necessarily the first thing you might think about when purchasing a car, the more financial savvy car owners among us will enjoy the increased financial security.

What’s not to like about Audi, then? With a prestigious heritage behind them, and an incredibly strong product with them in the here and now, it’s difficult to angle a serious criticism at what is a truly high-quality car maker. With the brand showing no sign of slowing down, expect Audi to remain a dominant name in the auto market indefinitely – and the industry will be better for it.