White Desert launches Wolf’s Fang, a new camp in Antarctica

By Tempus | 18 Jun 2021 | Travel

The Antarctic travel specialists are bringing luxury to the frozen continent

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For many intrepid travellers, few bucket list bullet points are more tantalising - yet unattainable - as setting foot on Antarctica, Earth's monumental frozen continent. Devoid of any accommodation or infrastructure, those who venture to the southernmost extremities of the planet are often only able to stay for a day, and those who manage do manage to wrangle a night's stay will have to shack up in rather modest dwellings with a team of bleary-eyed researchers and scientists. But White Desert, the Antarctic travel specialists, are changing things.

This month, the company announced the launch of their second camp, Wolf’s Fang. Launching this November, the camp allows a select few adventurers access to a rarely seen region of Antarctica. Situated amongst pillars of rock rising 1,000m vertically from the icecap, the camp derives its name from an iconic mountain peak that dominates the skyline. Visible from over 100km away on cloudless days, Wolf’s Fang Mountain was first seen by a flying expedition funded by the Nazi Government in the late 1930s. Since that day, the area has largely been closed to tourists with only Norwegian scientists and a handful of elite alpinists braving the summits. 

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White Desert’s latest camp fuses luxury with a light environmental touch, comprising six state-of-the-art sleeping tents that are individually heated and designed for two guests each. The interiors hark back to the golden age of polar exploration, with leather and canvas while the spacious lounge tent is the perfect place to relax and enjoy delicious meals around a vintage prospector oven.

Designed to cater for the more adventurous, Wolf’s Fang is the ideal accommodation for guests to try their hand at activities that range from ice climbing to abseiling, fat biking to gentle hikes to the summit of nearby peaks. With expert guides supporting the guests every step of the way, the 24 hours of continuous sunshine mean the days are literally endless. When it’s time to relax, an ice bar serves cocktails made from 10,000-year-old glacial ice, helping guests unwind from a day of exciting activities.

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“Ever since I first visited these mountains, I’ve dreamt of setting up a camp that would allow clients a chance to reconnect with nature, but also be adventurous,” says White Desert’s Founder, Patrick Woodhead. With 3 World Records and having skied over 4,000km across Antarctica himself, Woodhead is well accustomed to adventure. “Wolf’s Fang camp allows guests to experience something totally unique and that’s not something easily found these days.” 

White Desert’s first eco-camp, Whichaway Oasis, represents an ‘oasis’ of luxury in an inhospitable landscape, is designed to be less strenuous. Guests can enjoy the newly installed sauna and wellness pod and even picnic out by the side of a stunning freshwater lake.

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Guests at both camps can also fly to the Geographic South Pole, the lowest point on Earth, and visit an Emperor Penguin colony of over 28,000 birds. Travelling from Cape Town, South Africa by private jet, experiences run throughout December 2021 and January 2022.

Prices for trips staying at Wolf’s Fang start from US $45,000 and the first trip departs on 28 November 2021. The Early Emperors (6-day) package starts from US$52,000 or the Emperors & South Pole (8-day) package from US$83,000. For more information visit www.white-desert.com or email info@white-desert.com.