Westley Richards introduces the new Bournbrook Travel Bag collection

10 Dec 2019
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Westley Richards has been handcrafting guns in the heart of England since the Napoleonic Wars. Founded in 1812 by William Westley Richards, it is now the last-remaining gun company in Birmingham’s famous gun quarter; and one of the oldest surviving gun and rifle makers in Britain. 

In recent years the brand has embarked on a journey to establish itself as the foremost manufacturer of the finest English-made leather goods, with the finesse and flair for which they are widely recognized. Today, it is with great excitement that Westley Richards launches their new town and country travel bag collection, under the moniker, Bournbrook. A name which holds a very special place in the history of the company and its legendary best gun making. 

'Westley Richards makes all their leather goods in house, side by side with the gun making'

Following the success of their landmark Boxlock action, still referenced in modern sporting shotgun and rifles today, Westley Richards upgraded to a purpose built premises in Bournbrook, Birmingham in 1894. The company remained there for near on 120 years until 2008 where a planned move to the city’s historic Gun Quarter gave opportunity to further house the gun and burgeoning leather factories under a single roof, alongside a new flagship retail space. 

The Bournbrook Collection is greatly inspired by its heritage, seen through the checkering Westley Richards’ master gunmakers carefully handcraft onto their gun stocking, as well as key details seen in their traditional gun cases. An ode to the master engraver Paul Lantuch is also on display with an exclusive lining design throughout. >>

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Leather making is a big part of the future for Westley Richards, and unlike others, they make all their leather goods in house, side by side with the gun making. The West Midlands has been a centre of leather since time immemorial so it is fitting that Westley Richards should have moved into the business. It began with the manufacture of high-quality slips and cases to protect clients’ guns but is now expanding into other areas, offering a wide range of traditionally-tanned and exotic leather goods to adventurous travellers and field sports enthusiasts alike. 

The collection is available in their signature range of tanned leather, buffalo hide and strong canvas combinations and includes: 

• The Bournbrook 48hr Bag, a refined weekend travel bag for those charming weekend breaks away. Prices begin at £1495.

• The Bournbrook Briefcase, a soft briefcase created with the commuter in mind, travelling between their fine country home to meetings in town. Prices begin at £1095.

• The Bournbrook Wash Bag, ideal partner for a long trip away. Prices begin at £265.

• The Bournbrook Rucksack launches in early 2020. POA.