Wellness coach Joanne Fiddy on how to beat stress and burn out for an energetic new year

Strategic Intervention Coach and EFT specialist tells us how ‘tapping’ is making a corporate comeback

Joanne Fiddy is a Strategic Intervention Coach and NLP and EFT Practitioner who has teamed up with new wellness membership programme In Your Element On Demand. Here, she tells us why EFT could help us recharge from the inside out…

As we shake off and emerge from a second lockdown, it is little wonder that some of us might be feeling weighed down by 2020. When the champagne corks excitedly popped at New Year, no one could have foreseen the marathon ahead. From setting up home offices, multi-tasking virtual meetings, keeping teams motivated and, for some, parenting in a pandemic, more people than ever are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and burnout. 

Wellness in the workplace is paramount to our mental health, with the majority of time spent connected with colleagues and clients, and 24/7 access via various digital devices – in some cases multiple devices. 

What can you do when feelings of anxiety start to take over, or you notice that members of your team are feeling burnt out and stressed?

My favourite anxiety-busting self-help tools, loved by my clients, are Emotional Freedom Techniques – more commonly known as EFT. Have you noticed how your body feels when it is stressed or anxious? Perhaps your shoulders feel tight or your throat feels blocked. EFT is designed to help relieve these physical symptoms of our internal woes.

Championed by successful entrepreneur and best-selling author Marie Forleo, as well as coaching guru Tony Robbins, EFT is having a moment and for good reason. EFT techniques form a part of Energy Psychologies, which bring together the body and mind, and work with tensions that you are thinking and feeling. >>

* Joanne Fiddy is a Strategic Intervention Coach and NLP and EFT Practitioner who has teamed up with new wellness membership programme In Your Element On Demand

A common technique, known as ‘tapping’, involves tapping on specific acupressure points on the body while verbalising how you feel, which sends a calming signal to the amygdala – which is responsible for our fight, flight and freeze response. In short: we learn to think it, feel it and then let it go.

EFT helps to neutralise feelings of being overwhelmed or anxious and promote feelings of calm and boost confidence. It is completely natural, pain free, simple and effective and can be used anytime anywhere.  

New luxury health and wellness membership programme, In Your Element On Demand, brings together a group of more than 150 exceptional wellness and lifestyle experts from around the world who aimto boost the wellbeing of the corporate world. 

An exclusive membership service, In Your Element On Demand is targeted at companies to support the mental and physical health of their employees.  With over 100 videos, learn mediative breathwork with a world champion diver in France, try Kundalini meditation in Monaco or master immune-boosting mocktails in Ibiza.  For those looking for a more bespoke service, the company also creates live dynamic virtual events. 

This year has been a learning curve and has shined a light on how resilient and strong we are.  Practicing self-care and prioritising our mental health, enables us to find our balance and recharge.  By taking even 20 minutes each day for yourself, you can boost your productivity, find your spark and stay motivated.  

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