Vitamin Injections London Founder Bianca Estelle on why they are the future

By Rose Adams | 01 May 2018 | Femme, Style, Leaders

Could Vitamin Injections offer a healthier replacement for your caffeine habit?

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* Medical aesthetician and founder of Vitamin Injections London Bianca Estelle talks exclusively to Tempus

In our quest for swift solutions to counteract effects our busy lives have on our health and appearance – dull, ageing skin, low energy levels and a weak immune system to name a few – more of us are ditching traditional supplements and creams in favour of contemporary, more advanced fixes. Case in point: vitamin injections. 

A collection of specially selected vitamin ‘cocktails’ absorbed by the body via the route of an intravenous drip or IV push syringe loaded with vitamin solution, the treatment can be tailored to each individual, and is already a hit across the pond with high profile fans including singers Rihanna and Rita Ora and model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne. Now, vitamins injections are gaining momentum here in the UK as exhausted city dwellers seek an effective energy pick-me-up. 

Leading the way in London is medical aesthetician and founder of Vitamin Injections London Bianca Estelle, who is a firm advocate for its multitude of benefits. “I often came across medical grade products and cosmeceuticals with active ingredients and I wondered if these ingredients could be so effect for the skin when applied topically, they must be even more effective when applied from the inside-out," she exclusively told Tempus. "Vitamin therapy can be used to treat all manner of health concerns, including deficiencies and energy as well as boosting the immune system. The active ingredients can also help with skin issues, metabolism and weight issues.”

A roster of treatments are on offer at Estelle’s Marylebone clinic, ranging from the aesthetic transforming Baby Face Ultimate Anti-Ageing right through to energy boosting Pick Me Up IV B12 Shot with Folic Acid & Vitamin C – all of which can provide significant results within a lunchtime. Tempus spoke to Estelle to find out exactly why she’s championing this contemporary treatment and what it could mean for the future of the beauty industry, as well as her expert advice for tip-top skin. 

How exactly do vitamin injections work? What are the benefits?
Vitamin Injections are administered either intravenously (IV) intramuscularly (IM) we use what we call an ‘IV push’ to deliver a potent vitamin solution straight to where it’s needed most so the body can start benefitting from it straightaway. The absorption rate is 99.9%, compared to just 8-15% of oral vitamin supplements, which have to pass through the large intensive and digestive systems where the ingredients can get lost before they even enter the bloodstream. Many clients report noticing benefits immediately whereas others undergo a course before they feel the effects. It’s not surprising that celebrities reach for the support of vitamin injections as their hectic schedules can be testing to the immune systems and energy levels.>>

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* Vitamin Injections are administered either intravenously (IV) intramuscularly (IM) Estelle utilises an ‘IV push’ to deliver a potent vitamin solution straight to where it’s needed most so the body can start benefitting from it straightaway

Do you think they could replace traditional treatments in the future?
I first started working with vitamin therapy in relation to aesthetics. I began researching vitamin therapy, which was largely popular in the US, and after training, began to incorporate it into my practice for skin treatments. I’d have clients with acne being treated with Vitamin C who would report improved wellness, or clients being treated with B5 for skin hydration reporting improved energy levels. It was then that we expanded to offer the injections for both aesthetic treatments as well as health and wellbeing. 

How do your treatments differ to others on the markets?
Unlike the vitamin drips that have been circulating lately, IV ‘push’ treatments use a syringe loaded with potent vitamin solution. We advise clients drink plenty of water afterwards for maximum absorption. I believe that only those unable to consume water should receive it via a drip.

You talk about "championing ethnic skin care" within the UK. What still needs to be done in the beauty industry as a whole? 
When I studied at the University of the Arts, London, I was one of just four ethnic students on a course of 200 people, and unfortunately this ratio was reflected in the curriculum as we focused largely on Caucasian skin types throughout. To become well versed to the standard I set myself on ethnic skin care, I had to turn to the US, who are much more advanced at this and fortunately, my five sisters and friends provided a useful starting point for me to practise my learnings on. 16 years later and I don’t think the industry has changed much, so I am passionate about providing skin solutions to all, resulting in an inclusive, diverse offering.

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* Treatments on offer at Estelle’s Marylebone clinic range from Baby Face Ultimate Anti-Ageing right through to energy boosting Pick Me Up IV B12 Shot with Folic Acid & Vitamin C – all of which provide significant results within a lunchtime

What is the skin care philosophy you live by?
Three words: sun protection daily. Use a product with a minimum SPF 30 all year round. I joke with my clients that I would rather not brush my teeth than go without sun protection, and it’s true! Sun damage is the primary cause of premature skin ageing and no one likes wrinkly skin. AHAs, Retinol and Vitamin C should be adopted by all with a great daily skin care regime.

How can we avoid wrinkles?
Stay out of the sun, use plenty of Vitamin C-rich products and ensure you consume enough Vitamin C. I would also advise using peptides and, where possible, sleep on your back.

What are your predictions for the future of beauty?
I think consumers and brands are finally getting their heads around layering technology [using multiple products at one time] and this will continue to develop. I also envisage beauty from the inside-out gaining popularity. The wellness industry is growing so vastly that consumers are becoming savvier to the fact that what you consume has a powerful impact on your appearance. After all, you are what you eat… or in my case, inject!