Valmont's new Purity Collection introduces skincare rituals created around your lifestyle

By Tempus | 25 Mar 2019 | Indulge

Valmont Group CEO Sophie Guillon explains how to perfect your skincare regime and why more men are embracing cleansing

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* Valmont Group CEO Sophie Guillon explains why more men are embracing cleansing

When Swiss skincare brand Valmont launched its new Purity Collection earlier this year, it announced its pledge to create cleansing options to fit the lifestyles and beauty routines for any of its loyal customer base. From a five-minute cleansing gel with no rinsing required, to deep cleaning foams, milks and toner combinations, Valmont Group CEO Sophie Guillon debunks previous messages from the beauty world to tell her luxury clientele that there no one way to cleanse your skin.

"There are pretty much as many cleansing methods as there are women – not to mention that the cleansing method and products we use also have to be adapted to the type of makeup we wear or environment we work in," says Guillon. "The launch of the purity collection is part of our strategy to keep the brand constantly in sync with its time by offering products that meet the needs of a younger clientele. From the mass of information that we saw, we can simplify things by creating four main categories that will help us identify and advise each one of our clients."

To do this, Valmont has introduced products that suit their customers preferences – from highly sensory jelly textures such as Icy Fall for the modern user, to oils and balms, traditional milk and toner combinations such as Fluid Falls and Water Falls, and a very quick cleansing water that can be used effectively with just a cotton pad. Each product is luxury bottled with weighty glass, freshly fragrant and cool, and easy and pleasant to apply – perfect for that moment of home pampering.

"For the past few years, removing makeup at night was considered a chore, but we wanted getting unready to be a true moment of pleasure, a real pampering session, a moment to reconnect with yourself," says Guillon. "Achieving the perfect bare skin base that's ready to receive the suitable skin care after takes no more than five minutes. A good cleansing of the skin is the first step to a beautiful skin. For me, both steps are important: cleansing and treatment. One cannot be without the other." >>

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* Valmont Group CEO Sophie Guillon explains how to perfect your skincare regime

But can you really achieve radiant skin in such a short amount of time, without considering the effects of skin type, age, weather or pollution? Guillon says yes. "All of these different parameters should be considered, but the most important is to rebalance the skin flora while cleansing the skin thoroughly and gently in whatever manner works best for you," she says. "Valmont's Purity collection offers so much choice that these skin factors can be targeted and treated. The Prime Renewing Pack has an almost instant effect, and creates radiance when used every morning."

One of the big drives for Valmont's Purity range was to be inclusive – not just of age, lifestyle and time, but also of gender. Guillon says that she has seen an increase in men's interest in skincare, and is delighted that it has become such a hot topic.

"Men should be even more attentive with their cleansing regimen because currently 95% of them clean their face only after shaving, but the male epidermis is thicker and oily," says Guillon. "Valmont products are always about efficiency, biomimetism, and high compatibility to the skin. The key concept of the new Purity line is to focus on the skin’s microbiome and acid mantle. As a result, the skin is clean without being stripped, and perfectly purified without being dried. Perfect for men.

Guillon adds that she sees the biggest barrier to men extending skincare regimes is, quite simply, time. "I’ve seen an improvement in recent years, with men more attentive to the health of their skin and presentation, but the biggest barrier is time.