Urban Wellness: the best luxury London gyms

Looking to get back into your fitness routine in championship style? These luxurious London establishments uncover a whole new side of wellness

Let’s face it; while we all appreciate the tireless work of home fitness gurus, getting pumped up, heading out and hitting the gym is one of life’s great underappreciated pleasures.

Many of us have been reminded of that post-pandemic; the gym is where like-minded people, be they fitness fanatics or relative newcomers, can converge and silently, but diligently, work toward the same goal: bettering themselves.

Those looking to get back on the treadmill or elevate their gym experience need look no further, as we present the best and most luxurious member gyms in London – as well as how to upgrade your home studio.


The celebrity favourite boxing gym backed by British Olympian Anthony Joshua, BXR has multiple branches across the capital, including Canary Wharf and Marylebone (pictured), and offers studio-based, instructor-led classes including its renowned full-body cardio workouts.

But the sky’s not the limit for this ambitious gym chain, which is soon to open a new location inside London’s 22 Bishopsgate. Located on the 25th floor of this towering building, BXR City will be the highest gym in the City of London, along with having the highest climbing wall in the capital. »



Founded in 2001, KX has become a haunt of the high society figures of West London, from Hollywood A-listers to billionaire CEOs, all of whom swear by the club. This is in part due to its strict adherence to the latest academic developments in sports science, nutrition and beauty therapies. Over the years, KX has developed a reputation for introducing cutting edge technologies to its gyms, and the latest peer-reviewed dietary schemes to its kitchen, in an attempt to stay ahead of the curve.

Of particular note is the KX Red Fit Cardio Detox, an exercise space in which guests, be they partaking in pilates or a strenuous cycle, are blasted with infrared light (right) as they get their sweat on. This rather aesthetically intense feature, the first of its kind in Europe upon opening in 2021, is emblematic of KX’s drive to always be at the cutting edge of wellness by harnessing the power of bizarre – but effective – science.



Lanserhof at The Arts Club is one of London’s leading private wellness clubs, offering what it describes as “an elevated approach to health, fitness and vitality”. The facility hosts a private gym equipped with cutting-edge fitness equipment and a wide range of different studio classes on offer such as yoga, reformer pilates or HIIT training.

Furthermore, medical services offered by orthopaedists, general practitioners and cardiologists are complemented by a team of physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors who use pioneering analytics and equipment to create bespoke health and wellbeing plans.



Bodyism, based in Notting Hill, is a holistic wellness club with a vast array of treatments and training programmes available to its members. Whether you are looking to sharpen your boxing skills or push through a thorough barre workout, performance specialists and instructors offer high-quality, unique classes designed to expand your exercise regime into uncharted territory.

Beyond this, the team also offers massage and body treatments along with nutritional therapy and osteotherapy to complement all aspects of its members’ lifestyles.



If you’re not quite ready to head back out into the world to get your heart pumping, or prefer to enjoy your workout from your home gym, there’s no need to sweat; Italian brand Ciclotte is offering state-of-the-art gym equipment for your home in the form of its uniquely shaped stationary bike.

The Ciclotte Bike, with its aesthetically pleasing circular design and range of colours, was created using high-tech materials like carbon fibre, glass fibres and steel. The bike’s resistance is managed using an innovative electromagnetic system remotely controlled via Bluetooth.


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