Turkey's Hillside Beach Club entertains from day to night

By Annie Mac | 07 Feb 2020 | Travel

Escape to Turkey's sought after destination club and hotel

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In this day and age of short attention spans, indecisiveness, and a thirst for immediate satisfaction, nothing quite sparks the serotonin levels into overdrive like a holiday that can stimulate all three. Hillside Beach Club located on the south-westerly tip of Turkey, stands proudly in the shadows of the ancient city of Telmessos, and acts as the greatest of all natural cures by providing the necessary ingredients for an extraordinary experience.

The Ottoman Empire, which at its height stretched from Baghdad to Budapest, has transformed modern day Turkey into an international melting point and fascinating historical and cultural rarities.Located in a private bay overlooking the Mediterranean sea, and boasting four beaches, three restaurants, eight bars and endless leisure activities, Hillside Beach Club is home to the greatly sought after sweet spot, whereby any type of holiday is possible.

For those looking to enjoy a peaceful getaway, and to immerse themselves in the sunshine whilst gazing at the crystal clear azure sea, an escape to the adult only Silent Beach is theirs. Silent Beach is nestled at the edge of the pine forest, and provides peace and quiet, the ideal setting for a spot of digital detoxing and reconnecting with nature. Yoga classes take place here twice daily, each session followed by a complimentary visit from the angels of the Sanda Nature Spa, for a therapeutic massage and lashings of ice cold ginger tea.

Having relaxed beyond the realms of physical possibility, one may crave an injection of adventure, if this is the case, then you can head down to the main beach which plays host to a carnival of water sports & intoxicating activities. >>

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Using the hotel’s very own app, you can peruse the various sports offerings and events on display, with everything from cooking and dance classes, to scuba diving and snorkelling. For those looking to entertain their children, fear not, this is taken care of by the hotel’s  celebrated kids club, which runs throughout the day from 9am till 6pm, providing an array of inspiring experiences to keep the little ones busy.

Serenity Beach is the place to be for early evening Sundowners (as the brand's Instagram account will attest), as the afternoon slowly fades away, you’ll witness the most spectacular of sunsets, while the DJ at Beach Bar dispenses mesmeric deep house beats in perfect harmony with the solar system. The buffet in the main restaurant does not disappoint; a cornucopia of freshly cooked seafood, meats and breads changing each day with an entire altar devoted to the worship of chocolate. A la carte dining is available from The Beach Bar & Restaurant offering a unique take on Italian food, celebrating the freshest produce from across the Mediterranean, married with an abundance of locally and internationally sourced wine. 

For those looking for something more exclusive, try a waterside supper at Pasha restaurant, whilst you work your way through a sensational Turkish tasting menu, you can admire the expert skills of the attentive waiters, who fillet sea bass by moonlight.If you’re looking to shake off some of the Mezze weight before repairing to bed, then you’re in luck, as you there are many options, from scrumptious cocktails and live Jazz at the Abacco bar, to the all night dancing at Pasha nightclub. After midnight, for those who can no longer control their dancing feet, the grooves move to a hidden location indoors, where you can continue to throw shapes until the sun comes up again. >>

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Five days have flown by, and it’s been impossible to leave the magical metropolis of Hillside, however I feel a duty to explore the surrounding area and hence decide to seek advice from the concierge, and organise a trip to Kayakoy in the morning. A short trip by road takes you through Fethiye old town and onto Kayaköy, a historic ghost town, which was abandoned around a hundred years ago, and is now home to countless tourists looking to get their supernatural hit.

An eerie peace pervades as the sun rises, and you’re left somewhat dumbfounded by the overriding beauty of the ancient buildings, and yet always slightly on edge; in case the Aegean ghosts show their faces once more. Stop off afterwards for a local Turkish breakfast at family run Senit Ekmek. Here you get the chance to emulate the great historical diviners, and take part in a traditional custom, as you are taught how to read the future through the coffee grounds in your cup.

From my private terrace, I admire the sun sinking once more into the Mediterranean sea, and fear no matter what the coffee grounds have told me my future holds, it will be impossible to top the serenity of this week.