The top eight non-alcoholic beverages to try in Dry January

By Chantelle Billson | 09 Jan 2021 | Indulge

Are you going teetotal this January? You're not alone. Our list of the top alcohol-free drinks will make leaving the bar behind bearable

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Whether it's to benefit your health or simply for want of a change, participating in Dry January needn't be challenging. Choosing to shift from sipping your favourite tipple to going teetotal is now easier than ever thanks to the excellent selection of soft beverages on offer.

This year an estimated 6.5 million people across the UK are expected to take part in Dry January, up from last year's 3.9 million, and with limitless options from booze-free bubbles to tantalising mock spirits, discerning drinkers will find the sacrifice of switching to alcohol-free versions of their favourite beverages a breeze. 


Seedlip's sensational non-alcoholic spirits offer a wonderful answer to the dilemma of "what to drink when you're not drinking". Available in three unique blends - Garden 108 (herbal), Grove 42 (citrus) and Spice 94 (aromatic) - there are flavours to suit all palettes, and we recommend the latter of these to mix fantastic No-groni.

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Nine Elms No. 18

Created by multi-award-winning London-based drinks firm Nine Elms, No.18 is the perfect substitute for a glass of red wine. Intricately crafted with the juice of four types of dark berry and 20 different botanicals, this booze-free wine substitute is designed to be paired with food and perfectly complements a range of rich savoury dishes, making this indulgent drink a satisfying replacement. 

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Celtic Soul

Whisky lovers can ditch the dram and opt for a glass of this one-of-a-kind dark spirit which delivers a similar experience to that of an alcoholic Scotch, without the familiar alcoholic zing. Notes of cinnamon, spices, oak and sweet vanilla gently combine to offer a warming sensation that is practically essential for getting through the frigid winter months.

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Going teetotal needn't mean compromising on quality, as demostrated by Fluère Drinks and their catalogue of alcohol-free drinks.

Its creations are crafted with the same distilling techniques used for gin, whisky and rum and are available in a choice of four flavours, each mimicking a certain spirit. Original, for example, is a floral blend of botanicals designed to act as a substitute for gin, while Amber is a copy of spiced cane dark rum and Agave is a smokey a tequila/mezcal proxy with gentle honey on the nose and notes of pear underneath. Should you require a mixologist's knowledge, Fluère has dedicated a page of its website to non-alcoholic recipes, including an Old Fashioned made with its amber blend.

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Those choosing not to drink can select from three flavours - dandy smoke, fresh citrus and pure hibiscus - for the perfect non-alcoholic tipple, with some depth. Crossip pride themselves on being “unapologetically bold” which is their explanation for how their use of botanicals and spices give a powerful booze-like “kick” to the drinks. They claim to get this complex mouthfeel from a special maceration process which is unique among booze free spirits.

Torres Natureo De-Alcoholised Muscat

Torres, the famed Spanish winemakers, has crafted this de-alcoholised white wine entirely from Muscat grapes. Its fresh and fruity notes make this a palatable substitute to your best-loved white wine, so you can knock back a whole bottle and wake up hangover-free.

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Ceder's distilled non-alcoholic gin is made with a combination of the herbs found in regular gin and a collection of rare South African botanicals, giving it a unique but still classic flavour. 

Produced in Sweden, the drink is the brainchild of husband and wife team Craig and Maria, who have created four varieties including "floral and balanced", "refreshing and tranquil", "spicy and intriguing" and "irresistible and vibrant", all of which blend seamlessly with tonic water.

Scavi & Ray

Celebrate your sobriety with a glass of guilt-free Scavi & Ray bubbly. This multi-award winning alcohol-free Prosecco is made from the same Glera grapes used in its alcoholic Prosecco, and you would be forgiven for forgetting that its tantalising taste is a teetotal treat. Pleasantly sweet on the palate with notes of pear and subtle vanilla, it's sure to be love at first sip.