These are the interior design trends that are predicted to last all year round

21 Aug 2019 | Design
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Our approach to interior design is a great deal different to how it was just a few years ago. Thanks to the data provided by image-sharing sites like Pinterest, we’re able to form a more accurate picture of the sorts of homes we all aspire to. Our understanding of what constitutes a trend has also evolved, with most agreeing that a pattern of behaviour has to be consistent over a certain length of time (usually a few months) to qualify as a trend rather than just a short-term spike in popularity.

Let’s examine some of the trends we’ve observed so far in 2019 – and what we might want to watch out for in the year to come.


Fireplaces create a visual centrepiece for a room that can’t be replicated by even the most elaborate radiator. Modern homeowners have access to a greater variety of fireplaces than ever before, ranging from electric to gas to old-fashioned log-burners. And they’re being incorporated into the home in all manner of creative ways.


There’s been a sustained desire to bring a portion of the outdoors inside, particularly in kitchen and dining areas. This is partly because we’re all getting better at cooking, and we’ve watched enviously as Jamie Oliver grabs a fistful of chive, dill and parsley from his balcony. But more generally, plants help to improve our peace-of mind, particularly when they’re of the floor-to-ceiling variety. With the help of some high-quality blinds from Swift Direct Blinds, you’ll be able to effectively control the light levels in your interior, and ensure that your plants thrive.

Vintage revival

One style of textile that’s on the verge of a comeback is corduroy, with large numbers of us electing to shun leather and velvet in favour of a sofa decked out in this retro material. This has come as part of a broader retro revival in the interior design world, with 1970s style mustard-yellows and greens rubbing alongside Gatsby-esque art décor style. >>

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Geometric wall designs

This is another interior feature that everyone thought they’d seen the last of: geometric patterns on walls. This trend is particularly in evidence in children’s bedrooms.


As well as being an incredibly practical additionto communal spaces, blackboards can also serve a decorative purpose – particularly if you know how to wield a stick of chalk. A decent blackboard on your kitchen wall makes a great place to jot down recipes, messages and reminders; one in a child’s room can help to encourage those dormant creative instincts.


Increasingly, interior designers are turning away from mass-produced items in favour of those which come with a stamp of individuality – or at least, those which convincingly approximate that stamp of individuality. As such, we’re seeing increased reliance on hand-woven wicker baskets, pottery and Persian rugs. Combined tastefully, they can form a workable core around which to build a living space that’s a joy to unwind in!

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