The world’s first robot artist announces solo exhibition at Oxford University

Tempus previews the first solo exhibition of works created by robot artist, Ai-Da

* Ai-Da with her artwork [Photography © Victor Frankowski]

Named after Ada Lovelace, the pioneering 19th century mathematician, and featuring a hyper realistic humanoid head and facial features, it's easy to see why robot artist Ai-Da is creating such a visceral human reaction from her critics and fans alike.

Ai-Da, created by gallery director Aiden Meller, is the world's first realistic humanoid robot artist, capable of drawing people from life using her eye and a pencil. Her work has already garnered attention from art collectors, with the entirety of her upcoming solo exhibition, 'Unsecured Futures', sold to collectors for a total of more than £1m.

The works, which include abstract pencil sketches as well as oil paintings and sculptures created by Ai-Da and realised by what Meller describes as her "human collaborators", will be presented at St John's College, Oxford University from 12 June to 6 July.

Meller wanted Ai-Da's work to question our relationship with technology, and the future of AI in our lives. "The work engages us to think about AI and technology uses and abuses in the world today," he says, adding that AI can be a progressive, but also destruction force in our society, and only time will tell how our relationship with new advancements evolves. >>

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* Ai-Da with creator Aiden Meller (left) [Photography © Victor Frankowski]

"Pioneering a new AI art movement, we are excited to present Ai-Da, the first professional humanoid artist, who created her own art and well as being a performance artist," he says. Ai-Da features in a video performance piece inspired by Yoko Ono's 1965 work 'Cut Piece'. "As an AI robot, her artwork uses AI processes and algorithms."

Meller, who specialises in modern and contemporary art after 20 years in the art world, collaborated with robotics company Engineered Arts and AI engineers at Leeds University on the creation of Ai-Da. Her AI algorithms, developed at Oxford University, help her interpret the world through robotic camera eyes and scanners and form unique, creative artworks.

* Ai-Da with her artwork [Photography © Victor Frankowski]
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