The World superyacht heads to Europe for a unique voyage

By Rose Adams | 08 Mar 2018 | Travel
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* The World – which offers 165 luxury floating private residences on the sea

When we look at investing in a holiday home, there's a multitude of things to consider, from finding a prime location to perfect year-round weather. But what if your holiday home could tie in with your passion for exploration? Such is the case with the world's largest residential super yacht – aptly named The World – which offers 165 luxury floating private residences on the sea. The residents who own the homes circumnavigate the globe every two to three years adhering to an extraordinary itinerary chosen by them - as it's continually sailing, residents embark as and when they please and for as long as they like, treating the ship just like their holiday home.

The World is heading to Europe for its Spring 2018 voyage taking residents to cultural capitals including Casablanca, Barcelona, Venice, and Rome, as well as an expedition to the remote and rugged Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, filled with wildlife such as polar bears, reindeer and the Arctic fox ambling across frozen tundra. The World is also offering world-class gastronomy in the form of exclusive wine tastings and dinners organised by chefs and sommeliers showcasing a variety of diverse flavours and culinary styles. 

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* Since its launch in 2002, The World has remained the largest privately owned boat in the world

There will be an opportunity to explore Codorniu, the world's oldest and second-largest producer of bottle-fermented sparkling wine in Barcelona, and its famous cava cellars, the perfect setting for an exclusive cava tasting and cocktail evening featuring entertainment from an orchestra and flamenco performances, offering a truly authentic taste of Barcelona. In early autumn, The World is to set sail to the British Isles to experience the more remote regions. The ship will travel to the isolated archipelago of St. Kilda and on to additional islands throughout the Hebrides such as the Glannan Isles, Shetland Islands and Orkney Islands to sample Scotland’s finest single malt whiskeys along the way.

Since its launch in 2002, The World has remained the largest privately owned boat in the world, boasting 165 luxury studio, one, two or three bedroomed residences privately owned by 142 families, as well as world-class dining. Its occupants are able explore the planet’s most exotic and remote destinations as well as one-of-a-kind experiences – all from the comfort of their floating luxury home. A small selection of residences are available to purchase each year and range from USD$1.5 to 15 million, in addition to annual ownership fees which are calculated based on the size of the residence. There’s also a focus on wellness with yoga classes, an outdoor fitness area, golf simulator, two pools, and the only regulation-size tennis court at sea so residents can easily keep up their fitness regime.

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* Each of the 165 homes onboard the ship are privately owned with a small selection available for re-sale every year