The Savoy partners with City Harvest to provide meals to London’s most vulnerable

Savoy head chef Fabrice Lasnon is coordinating hundreds of meals each week for City Harvest Charity

The Savoy is working with charity City Harvest to provide hundreds of meals each week to vulnerable communities in London. The hotel’s head chef, Fabrice Lasnon is leading a small production team including Philip Barnes, managing director, and Jan-Peer Lehfeldt, executive assistant manager – food and beverage, to create the meals from food that would otherwise go to waste. 

“As most of our team are keeping safe at home, we’re a small group, but we wanted to play our part,” said Barnes who, like Lehfeldt, is currently residing at The Savoy. Meals are produced following the strictest hygiene and social distancing procedures, with ingredients donated by the hotel. “We’ll be producing 400 meals a week under the careful instruction and leadership of Fabrice.”

City Harvest is the first London-based food redistribution charity, whose mission is to rescue surplus food and deliver it, for free and sustainably, to those facing food poverty. The charity has always maintained strong ties to the hospitality industry, and during the Covid-19 pandemic has been working to serve an even greater need by sourcing and delivering freshly prepared meals to families in crisis. >>

City Harvest delivers to charities who care for disadvantaged groups including the homeless, families, children, the elderly, victims of domestic abuse and those isolated through physical and mental ill health.

“We’ve longstanding relationships with a range of charities, of which City Harvest was one, so we’re pleased to be able to ramp up our collaboration in this particularly difficult time for many communities,” said Barnes.

“We couldn’t be happier to work with our friends at The Savoy,” commented City Harvest CEO Laura Winningham. “The Savoy is an iconic London landmark which people respect and associate with luxury. To an increasing number of people in London, food is now a luxury and our vans are becoming iconic symbols of hope. London’s camaraderie is shining, and we are proud to work with The Savoy on this essential project which will nourish a great many people in need.”

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