The perfect whisky-based cocktails to celebrate World Whisky Day

By Tempus | 15 May 2020 | Indulge

Discover the versatility of great whiskies with these curated cocktails from around the world

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* Roe & Co Irish coffee

As whisky aficionados raise a dram or two to celebrate World Whisky Day this Saturday 16th May, it’s also the perfect time to acknowledge the versatility of this popular luxury beverage. These curated whisky cocktails bring together our favourite recipes – whether inspired by the distilleries or destinations around the world – to capture the spirit of the day.


This cocktail is all about the flavour of Talisker – produced at the oldest distillery on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, the liquid has been made by the sea since 1830, with its smell and taste instantly connecting you to its rugged maritime home.As easy to make as it is to drink, add 50ml of Talisker 10-Year-Old to a highball glass with ice, add 200ml London Essence Peach and Jasmine Soda, a pinch of salf and garnish with a slice of peach.  


New premium blended Irish Whiskey Roe & Co honours its Irish roots, and is named after pioneering distiller George Roe. The versatile liquid is delightfully fragrant and rounded with notes of soft spice and mellow spun sugar along with warm hints of woody vanilla, the perfect choice for Irish whiskey fans. For the perfect Irish Coffee, first heat your coffee glass with boiling water. Empty, then add 60ml of freshly brewed Americano coffee with 10ml sugar syrup. Stir lightly before pouring in 40ml Roe & Co, and layer whipped fresh cream lightly on top. Garnish with three coffee beans and a light dusting of nutmeg.


What elevates this this classic Boilermaker cocktail is the spicy Bulleit Bourbon at its base. An award-winning Kentucky whiskey, Bulleit’s distillation process is inspired by the small batch technique used over 150 years ago. Take 45ml of Bulleit Bourbon poured into a tasting glass, and serve with a bottle of fine craft beer, such as Hop House. >>

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* The Bacchus Manhattan (left) and Smoke and Mirrors (right)


A beautifully balanced blended Scotch, Johnnie Walker Black Label is crafted using single malt and grain whiskies drawn from the four corners of Scotland. Aged for 12 years to produce creamy notes of vanilla, toffee and dark fruits, with the uniquely smoky finish that Johnnie Walker is known for. This versatile whisky is great on its own, but it really comes to life in a highball serve. Accompany with lemonade, ginger ale or even a touch of elderflower to create the ultimate great tasting drink.


Created by 45 Park Lane’s head bartender Francesco Orefici, this refreshing cocktail packs a punch. Add 20ml of infused lapsang tea to a shaker with ice, and add 15ml lemon  juice, 20ml simple syrup, 20ml drambuie, 40ml Glendfiddich whisky, 2 bar spoons of luxardo maraschino and shake vigorously. Use a strainer to pour over ice into a burgandy glass and garnish with lemon and 2 Amerena cherries.


Hotel Eden Rome’s signature whisky cocktail combines 50ml Bulleit Rye Whisky, 25ml Viciolata del Cardinale Cherry Wine, 10ml vermouth rosso, 10ml dry vermouth, 5ml verjus and 2 drops Abbot’s Bitters. Stir the ingredients together and double strain into a Martini glass for a true taste of the Eternal City.


Inspired by Canada, but created at France’s best golf hotel, Terre Blanche resort in Provence. This sweet and spicy cocktail is simple to make: Add 40ml Whisky Crown Royal, 10ml vanilla syrup, 10ml lemon juice, 10ml maple syrup, and 50ml apple juice to a shaker, shake vigorously and strain twice to serve in a cocktail glass. 


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* Bulleit Boilermaker