The Glenlivet unveils AI-enhanced ultra rare whisky for 200th anniversary

To celebrate its 200 year anniversary, The Glenlivet is launching its ultra rare Twelve Elements collection on the blockchain enabled platform, the Whisky Exchange Cabinet

The GlenlivetThe Glenlivet is celebrating its 200 year anniversary in style as the premium whisky brand has announced that it will be releasing an ultra rare, AI-enhanced whisky collection called The Twelve Elements. 

This collection of 50 year old whisky, which pays homage to the 12 essential elements of the Glenlivet single malt, will be available exclusively on the global blockchain enabled marketplace, the Whisky Exchange Cabinet. The 12 elements include: air, angel share, barley, cooper, copper, distiller, earth, fire, heritage, time, water and wood.

The single malt has been aged in two meticulously selected casks, was chosen for its distinct qualities and has been matured independently since 1974, resulting in a caramel sweetness and honeycomb notes from the first-fill bourbon barrel. The refill results in richer toasted oak with ginger spice undertones.The Glenlivet The Whisky Exchange Cabinet facilitates the purchase of rare spirits for collectors and connoisseurs. Once the whisky reaches its final steps of maturation, owners will receive a digital certificate upon purchase, and the full bottle upon release. Each element on the whisky’s craft will also be represented by a unique AI-generated design.

Along with a transferable digital certificate for reselling, the blockchain platform will also provide proof of ownership, authenticity, traceability and offer a security safeguard.

Speaking about the new collection, Kevin Balmforth, the Glenlivet’s cask expert hopes that this AI-enhanced whisky will provide whisky enthusiasts with a “foray into the evolution of luxury investments”.“This luxurious whisky showcases the art of balance, where nature and human elements combine to create a liquid of remarkable depth and character,” he said. “This truly exceptional rare expression is a testament to the unique combination of the two hand-selected single malt casks, aged and crafted by a long line of makers presiding over the casks for half a century.”

“As we commemorate 200 years of The Glenlivet, this ultra-rare collection represents a look to the future and offers whisky enthusiasts worldwide a foray into the evolution of luxury investments,” added Kevin.

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