The ARX auctions NFT of first ever minted front cover of Sunday Times Rich List

By Gabriel Power | 28 May 2021 | Culture, Design, Art

The work, by British digital artist MRE, focuses on the brand new Central Park Tower in New York City

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An NFT by British digital artist MRE featuring the first ever minted copy of the Rich List is currently up for auction online, causing a stir on online digital makers place

The piece, which was given the full name "Central Park Tower 2021 Rich List Cover" is a 1-of-1 artwork comprised of a short video of the New York City skyline and featuring the newly-finished Central Park Tower, the world's tallest residential building. The scene is set to Led Zeppelin’s iconic track Stairway to Heaven.

Previous sales of a similar piece, an NFT cover of Forbes Magazine, recently fetched over $333,333 at auction, indicating that MRE's Rich List piece could fetch a hefty price.

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The artwork is currently undergoing a bidding process exclusively on MakersPlace and payment can be made with either credit card or cryptocurrency – but collectors must hurry, as the auction closes at 9pm BST on 28 May.

The winning bidder will not only acquire this digital piece but will also have first dibs to preview an unreleased digital artwork by MRE due for release in October 2021. The NFT will also grant the winner exclusive access to experience the Penthouse at Central Park Tower, located on 113th floor and valued at over £80 million. Along with the piece, the collector will acquire a virtual live-in Penthouse and the possibility to win two first-class flights to New York to visit this incredible building.

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Visual artist MRE (pronounced ‘Mystery’) is best known for his distinct style of motion, exploring themes that blur reality and the surreal. He is also known for brand collaborations – and his impressive client list has also included the likes of Sony, Selfridges & Co, Lacoste and Creed.

The auction is masterminded by The ARX, a revolutionary new art division of Lux Group Holdings, which is designed to offer clients opportunities to acquire and build their own digital art collections, with expert guidance from an ARX curator in residence, and a physical gallery space to display “phygital” works – digital pieces with physical counterparts – for sale via auction.

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