TAG Heuer introduces wellness app for its newest luxury smartwatch

Iconic Swiss watchmaker promotes healthy lifestyles with TAG Heuer Connected

Swiss luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer has extended the span of its digital reach with a new health and wellness app to go with its stunning smartwatch range.

The app, designed as a companion to the TAG Heuer Connected collection, enables users to track their daily activities simply and effectively, from the tiniest steps to the most strenuous workout. With two daily goals and one weekly summary, the app motivates users and helps them understand how each effort – no matter how small – benefits their bodies.

With a quick glance at their TAG Heuer Connected, wearers can monitor daily activity (number of steps), exercise intensity (time spent each week doing moderate to vigorous exercise), the level of effort perceived by the body (real-time and continuous heart rate monitoring), and the quantified impact of the exercise (calories burned).

Leading health associations encourage the achievement of two daily goals. The first one is to move more, sit less and reach a daily steps target. As counting steps becomes a part of a daily routine, personal goals can be raised when the time is right. The second is to reach a daily calory-burning target. The more intense the effort, the greater the reward! Again, each user decides on his or her own personal goals and adjusts them according to individual lifestyle and the progress made.

With the TAG Heuer Wellness app, progress is accurately tracked on a barometer that displays the level of activity during the week. With its detailed overview of minutes spent in fat-burn, cardio and peak zones, users can see at a glance how each active minute benefited their bodies.

TAG Heuer’s Wellness app is designed to motivate its users to make steady, healthy progress by focusing on three easy-to-understand metrics: daily steps, daily calories burned, and active minutes per week. It has introduced these with simple, user-friendly navigation – all the information is conveniently located in one place.

The timepieces themselves are also groundbreaking additions to the world of smartwatches, and the most recent addition to the line is the perfect example of this. The TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition, launched in June of 2020, quickly established itself as the smartwatch of choice for the global golfing community. TAG’s CEO Frédéric Arnault explains, “Playing with a TAG Heuer Connected is a true game-changer that will give any golfer an immediate competitive edge. And it does so without compromising on elegance and style.”

Professional golfer and TAG Heuer brand ambassador Tommy Fleetwood says, “I love wearing this watch both on and off the course. The features are really well thought out, making the game more precise and I can’t think of a golfer whose game wouldn’t benefit from it. If I could choose one stand out feature for me, I really enjoy the distance shot feature, I see how my drive is performing on the golf course taking into account the real conditions I am playing in, the timing of this has worked perfectlyfor me as I’ve been testing my new clubs.”

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