Step inside the artwork with an interactive experience like no other

Creating a photo opportunity that merges fine art and interactive experience, Vox Vanguard share their tropical vision with Tempus

* ‘The Unattainable’ at Tempus magazine’s BRITs Aftershow Party

Art production company Vox Vanguard knows what it takes to create a one-of-a-kind experience for the most glamorous of events. Mixing fine art with model performances, big name brands and professional fashion photography, the company – founded by Matthew Tosca – is passionate about interactivity, inviting their party guests to step inside and become part of their artwork.

From designing a forest of lights for jewellery brand Boodles', to creating a tropical paradise inspired by Henri Rousseau's 'Surprise! Or Tiger Caught in a Tropical Storm' for the BRIT Awards Official Aftershow Party, hosted by Tempus, Vox Vanguard's guests are invited to get up close and personal with luxury handmade installations.

"We aim create immersive, bespoke and one of a kind experiences," founder and artistic director Tosca told Tempus of the brand's driving aesthetic. "Vox Vanguard experiences explore and bring to life the sounds and sentiments of classical music through other art-forms including; fine art, dance, literature, film, technology and others."

For Tempus' aftershow party earlier this month, Vox Vanguard created 'The Unattainable' based on Rousseau's work. A hand-painted tropical background was brought to life by a woman in red – model Carly Kealy, in a bespoke Stella McCartney dress and wearing a stunning collection of Fabergé jewels – and a tiger, played by model Paul Forman.

"Incredibly, Rousseau himself never saw the 'tropics', which were the main focus of his work, but his description of the Jardin des Plants in Paris alludes to his inspirations," said Tosca. "He said: 'when I go into the glass houses and I see the strange plants of exotic lands, it seems to me that I enter into a dream.' We wanted to create this dream-like and unattainable paradise for the BRITs exhibit, which led to creating a three-dimensional, experiential picture and conservation exhibit. We wanted this exhibit to focus on the things we strive for and the things we must respect in life – nature – and thus 'The Unattainable' was developed.

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* ‘Through the Wardrobe’ – The lights dim and focus centres to the orchestra as Tosca conducts the final moments of Debussy’s Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune

"Continuing in 'The Unattainable' realm, we stumble upon 'The Woman in Red' in our dream-like jungle. We chose a Stella McCartney Giorgelli Crepe gown to echo the designer's ethos on animal conservation and ethical fashion, and partnered this with timeless and classic ruby earrings from Faberge. This layer of fashion and style within the exhibit represent not only another Rousseau character from another of his works, 'The Woman in Red', but also the powerful and strong woman caught in the tropical storm to represent the current political climate."

While seamless on the night, creating the installations is a work of art, timing and passion for the Vox Vanguard team. "Undoubtedly, reimagining and elevating a traditional photo booth installation to provide a truly unique experience for Tempus' special clientele that fully immerses them in art is a major challenge. There is so much more involved in bringing that vision to life after I complete a design. Our passionate and truly excellent team have however made that vision a reality in which the guests will experience the art."

Having experienced this year's BRIT Awards, the Vox Vanguard were keen to share their favourite artist. "For all of us at Vox it is Beethoven, without a doubt," said Tosca. "Later in his life, Beethoven became deaf and instead of giving up on his passion for music he decided to remake himself as an artist and create something that truly broke the mould.

"In a world that is constantly struggling against hatred and violence, we at Vox Vanguard want to be the leaders of today in imagining a new art form that connects with a contemporary audience like never before. Like Beethoven, we draw inspiration from the struggles of the world. Like Beethoven, we want to break the mould.

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