Silent-Yachts launches stunning new model featuring innovative kite system

By Tempus | 08 Dec 2021 | Sport, Design, Speed

The stunning SILENT 60 also features 42 solar panels and can reach 20 knots

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Electric yacht manufacturer Silent-Yachts has become the first boat builder to date to design and build boats for the use of a kite sail system with the unveiling of the SILENT 60 solar powered catamaran.

The company has become renowned for its innovative designs - it currently manufactures the first and only ocean-going production yachts in the world that are fully sustainable and powered by solar energy - and the SILENT 60 is another milestone in yachting history.

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The boat carries 42 solar panels for 17 kWp of solar energy to power two electric motors of up to 2x340kw. Backed up by a battery capacity of up to 286 kWh, the yacht can cruise efficiently with zero emissions solely on solar power for up to 100 nautical miles a day for weeks. 

To further improve its green credentials and range, for longer crossings the first SILENT 60 is also fitted with a compact 9 or 13-sqm kite wing housed in a dedicated storage locker under the foredeck, along with an electric winch and a short, collapsible mast. 

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According to the brand, "after inflating the kite, it is released overboard to drift away on the surface of the water", while "pulling on the lines launches it into the air and once it reaches the optimal flight height, it begins to trace a figure 8 in the sky and generates power to pull the yacht".

"If you want to stop kiting, the automated app controls move the kite to a position right above the boat where it has the least pull on the line. From here it can be winched down electrically and collapsed over the foredeck ready for stowage," the press release adds.

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The solar-electric system on the SILENT 60 is configured to power all the on-board systems without the need of fossil fuels for a generator. Featuring a new, high-performance hull form with a longer waterline and reverse bow, the yacht has a cruising speed of 6-8 knots, but can reach 20 knots if needed.