Silent Island: saving the planet in style with Silent Yachts

By Tempus | 11 Feb 2021 | Travel, Design, Sustainability

World's first solar-only catamaran producer announces launch of spectacular eco-friendly Bahamas resort

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One oft-cited criticism that has consistently followed the rich and famous around for decades is the claim that their holidaying, which can include private jet and yacht use, is contributing significantly to climate change and at a disproportionate rate to other people. 

But what many fail to notice is that enormous strides have been made in recent years in terms of fuel efficiency for both jets and yachts, and very few companies - if any - have made as much of an effort to promote carbon-neutral luxury travel as Silent Yachts, an Austrian firm offering some of the most innovative, eco-friendly premium yachts on the market.

Founded by Michael & Heike Köhler in 2009, Silent Yachts produces innovative solar electric catamarans - the first and only ocean-going production yachts in the world which are exclusively powered by solar energy. Their boats are thus fully sustainable while having the possibility of unlimited range with zero emissions, as well as being almost completely silent while cruising.

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But this year, the team at Silent Yachts are taking their vision of sustainable luxury travel to new heights by launching Silent Island as part of an exclusive relationship with Silent Resorts. This spectacular getaway spot, on a private island in the Bahamas, will include 16 four-bedroom waterfront villas and eight custom solar powered catamarans from Silent Yachts, along with a beachside clubhouse, resort-style pool, restaurant, bar, fitness room, game room, and a spa. 

Silent Resorts' mission is to make island villa and luxury yacht ownership more affordable and create a sustainable, self-sufficient, private and secure luxury land and sea experience. Members are owners and share the benefits of island and yachting lifestyle, managed by a team of experienced real estate, hospitality, luxury property management and yacht industry professionals.

Michael Köhler said of the launch: "Silent Resorts is a true innovator in the luxury experience market. With Silent Resorts, we are creating the world's first 100% solar-powered, luxury adventure destination where land and sea are integrated.

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"Silent Resorts' exclusive relationship with Silent Yachts and its integration of the world's first fully solar yachts with pre-engineered, modular, low-impact, land-based infrastructure, allows owner/members to enjoy the planet's most pristine and undiscovered destinations in a sustainable, environmentally sensitive manner."

All Silent Resorts members/owners have full access to their four-bedroom villas and four-cabin suite yachts for five weeks or more per year, with the possibility to share their no-cost stays with friends and family. Memberships are for life and can be gifted or sold.

"Our philosophy is to employ the natural environment as chief design director and work for her," Victor Barrett, head of Silent Resorts, added. "The location in the Bahamas is the first of others we are considering, including Belize, Panama, French Polynesia, Maldives, Indonesia, and more in the world's most beautiful archipelagos and yachting destinations.

"With the infinite cruising range of the luxurious, solar-powered, transoceanic Silent Yachts, no location is too far."