Security specialist Valkyrie shares its discreet solution to guarding your classic and high-value vehicles

The Valkyrie Sentinel is an innovative way to deter car thieves

For any classic car purist, the idea of splicing into wires to clumsily fit modern electronics into vintage and high-value cars is jarring to the conscience. But for those of us worried about the safety and security of our beloved motors, as well as the ungainly installation of ‘approved’ tracking devices, alternatives can be tricky to find. This was the inspiration behind the Valkyrie Sentinel Covert Tracker.

Created by those who own and love their cars, and have the technical expertise to build and install such an innovative solution, the tracker brings peace of mind and visibility to single or multiple asset ownership.  

Most classic and high-value vehicles are not used every day and are stored away for special occasions, often with flat batteries and in underground car parks – which means that if a car is stolen or moved, an owner might not even be alerted for days or weeks after the fact.

Created by security solutions specialists Valkyrie, the Sentinel Covert Tracker is designed to meet these unique challenges and can be run as a standalone system for a single vehicle or to protect a whole fleet of cars, boats or even a plane. What’s more, the system’s self-contained power supply means that you can receive reports about your assets – an address, map and, at the press of a button, even a satellite image of the exact location – once or twice a day for up to three years,  thanks to the system’s self-contained battery supply.  >>

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Another issue Valkyrie was keen to take on was the monthly charges for a conventional tracker. With high-value cars, insurance companies might insist on a Cat 5 or Cat 6 tracker, which after purchase and installations expenses you then get hit for monthly charges. The Valkyrie Sentinel Covert Tracker is available to purchase with a one-time payment, which covers up to three years of reporting on any of your chosen assets – trackers can be quickly and easily moved between assets or ‘embedded’ into vehicles to make the trackers almost impossible to detect.

It is also possible to add Sentinel Trackers to cars with existing factory-fitted or high-end aftermarket trackers already installed, providing additional cover to vehicles where traditional trackers might be defeated by a simple flat battery. Professional thieves are only too well aware that most modern high-value vehicles are protected by factory-fitted or quality aftermarket trackers, and will jam a vehicle while removing it to render the traditional tracker inoperative. However, if they don’t know the Sentinel Tracker is there, it will continue to report in and significantly aid in the vehicle’s recovery, even if other trackers are disabled.

Specialist Police crime units have heralded this innovation as a tool to significantly increase detection and recovery rates in the battle against high-value and classic car thefts in and around the London area where the tracker was launched.  Whether protecting your car, motorbike, boat, yacht or plane, the Sentinel Covert Tracker is a discreet and reliable tool to let you know where your vehicles are at all times – and, should anything go amiss, Valkyrie’s team of security experts are specialists at helping recover your cherished assets.

The tracker comes as a small black box, which can be branded or completely anonymous and is packed with highly-guarded technology. It uses a combination of WiFi GSM and GPRS to triangulate and report its position. An inbuilt WiFi transmitter can assist in ‘final mile’ location to enable Police or Valkyrie teams to recover missing assets.

For more information, contact Valkyrie at or phone +44 (0) 203 5194 528

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