Santiago Bernabéu, home of Real Madrid, is set to become the world’s most luxurious sports venue

16 Jul 2020 | Sport
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* Santiago Bernabéu is set to become the most luxurious stadium in the world

As the most successful club in Spanish and European soccer history, Real Madrid is a name synonymous with fans of the beautiful game throughout the world. However, their impressive Santiago Bernabéu stadium was beginning to look somewhat jaded. That is all set to change following extensive renovations currently in progress.

Since the original structure was completed back in 1947, the Santiago Bernabéu stadium has been expanded and upgraded several times. The first capacity increase came in 1953, followed by major enhancements in 1992 and 1994, covering all the stands with a roof and making the venue all-seater. VIP and hospitality areas were also added, as the club began to exploit the commercial possibilities of this magnificent arena.

Over the years, the improvements made to the stadium have matched the consistently high ambitions of the club. Real Madrid have won the Champions League more times than anyone else in European football, lifting the famous trophy on 13 occasions, which includes 5 triumphs in the last 20 years alone. As for their chances of winning the tournament again this year, you can get the latest football odds at Betfair, where they are currently 30/1.

To match their exceptional success, club president Florentino Pérez has long dreamed of taking the venue to an entirely new level of luxury. After years of battling with local authorities for the permissions required, he finally managed to get plans approved and work has already begun this summer. Judging by the project details published by Real Madrid, the Santiago Bernabéu looks set to become arguably the finest stadium in world soccer.

Overall, the work is expected to cost around $622 million in total, although with some 65,000 square feet of new garden space being added around the venue, the idea is to make the Santiago Bernabéu a location that visitors to the Spanish capital will visit any time of year, not only during the soccer season. This is also the concept behind other luxury additions that will attract tourists, who aren’t just coming to see a ball kicked around by highly paid superstars.

VIP and corporate areas will be enhanced for extra appeal to business partners, while fine dining is another exquisite addition within the sumptuous new arena. Famed throughout the world for his culinary delights, iconic Spanish chef Martín Berasategui has been invited to open a restaurant within the Santiago Bernabéu. In what can only be regarded as a coup ‘signing’ for Real Madrid, their new restaurant is being overseen by a chef who boasts 12 Michelin stars.

In every sense, the Santiago Bernabéu stadium will certainly be a tasty treat to visit once all the work is complete. If the action on the pitch isn’t enough to whet your appetite, then world-class cuisine will certainly have your stomach rumbling with eager anticipation.