Music to your ears: Discover the best music systems with Ruark Audio

Dance to the beats of Ruark Audio as you browse through a catalogue of the best sound systems of this family-owned British company

Ruark AudioMusic is an integral part of our everyday lives. It is the soundtrack to every single thing we do. Having a party? The best dance tunes can liven up any room. On a road trip? A collection of the best feel-good tunes can make those long hours feel like minutes. Feeling nostalgic? There is always that one playlist that takes you back in time. At the gym? Nothing like some hard-hitting songs to push you through that final rep. And with the right music system, the experience is enhanced to a different level. This is where Ruark Audio comes in.

Ruark Audio is a family-owned British company specialising in sound and design, who have been producing award-winning music systems and speakers for over 30 years. Their products combine the best of audio technology with impeccable design — making them perfect for music lovers and the design conscious alike. From the compact R1 radio, to the R810 Radiogram, each sound system features the latest in technology so you can use a wide variety of streaming channels and devices.

Below is a selection of some of the best music systems produced by Ruark Audio to help you liven up your next party.Ruark Audio Midnight BlueRuark Limited Edition R1 Midnight Blue Radio

Available exclusively at John Lewis, Ruark Audio’s fourth-generation R1 Radio comes in a captivating Midnight Blue. Featuring an OLED display, premium Bluetooth receiver, USB-C charge and playback port, switchable auxiliary input and a headphone output, this device pushes beyond simple aesthetics and strives to elevate the user’s listening experience. This is a radio system designed to house the soundtrack of your life. Ruark AudioRuark R810 Music System

This is a product designed to form the focal point of any room and serves as Ruark’s new flagship model. With stunning sound, seamless connectivity, and expert craftsmanship, the R810’s clean lines and polished chrome stand echo the cutting-edge technology that lies beneath its elegant construction. As much a piece of sculptural furniture as it is an entertainment system, the Ruark R810 strengthens the emotional connection between you and the music you love most with every play.Music systemRuark Audio R410 Music System

Unlocking nostalgic memories thanks to its 70s inspired design, this all-in-one music system brings people together with its unrivalled sound and high-res connectivity options such as TIDAL, Deezer, BBC Sounds and Spotify Connect.Ruark Audio R2 Music System

The Ruark R2 features a fresh design which offers a retro-modern aesthetic. The slimmer footprint allows the music system to be placed anywhere in the home, and makes it perfect for a windowsill or bookshelf location. The R2 is equipped with DAB+, FM, and Internet radio tuners, as well as support for major streaming services including Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer. The R2 also features the latest-generation Bluetooth 5 receiver, a USB-C charge port, switchable AUX output, and headphone output.

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