Royal Salute launches exclusive Platinum Jubilee edition

By Gabriel Power | 07 Jun 2022 | Indulge

The incredible new blend, unveiled at the Tower of London, is a 'piece of history', the brand says

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There is a slim chance you might have missed the UK's rather exuberant celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee this past weekend. Perhaps you were working, or maybe you used the rare occurrence of a four-day weekend to sneak out of the country on a mini-holiday.

So whether or not it was your choice, if you feel you may have missed out on the biggest party the UK has thrown in years, never fear: Royal Salute has you covered.

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Sure, the jubilee may officially be over, but nothing's stopping you from picking up a bottle of Royal Salute's stunning new limited-edition Platinum Jubilee expression, launched last week at a show-stopping event at the world famous Tower of London.

The new blend, which retails at around £16,000 per bottle, will be made available in an array of seven differently coloured flagons inspired by the Queen's personal brooches, with just 21 sets of each colour variation available for purchase.

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The new release is a unique blend of seven different malts, aged for over 30 years before being finished for two years in tawny port casks. Royal Salute's Master Blender Sandy Hyslop, the creator of this expression, has created what the brand calls an "intricately layered blend" featuring "exceptionally long-aged spirits", each of which are now lost to time.

As a result of Sandy's expertise, this blend is big, bold and juicy, with strong dark forest fruits on the nose and palate, with hints of spiced orange and dark chocolate. The flavour is also deep and rich, with notes of toffee and honey, while the finish is lengthy, offering huge helpings of spice and more delicious fruit.

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"For this momentous occasion I wanted to create a blend that captured Royal Salute’s unique heritage, while honouring the Queen’s seven decades of reign," Hyslop said of the new release. "It is an honour to have had a role to play in this piece of history; a task that has allowed us to release a prestigious whisky that also acts as a precious collector’s item for whisky lovers to cherish."