Rosewood Hong Kong’s cultural ambassador Lotus Leung sheds moonlight on her city’s best attractions

By Tempus | 02 Jul 2020 | Travel, The Concierge Series

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As the cultural ambassador at Rosewood Hong Kong, Lotus Leung never tires of the city’s skyline. Hong Kong is one of the world’s most famous port cities, and truly rivals New York when it comes to culture, atmosphere and nightlife. While the special administrative region is currently undergoing some political upheaval, Leung shares her favourite parts of the city’s splendor, and tells us why it has a permanent place in her heart…

What view or place do you never tire of?
I’d have to say Hong Kong’s skyline, and the view from The Victoria Peak. It doesn’t matter whether it is morning, afternoon, sunset or night - I never tire of it. Also, the skyline view from West Kowloon Art Park at sunset and in the evening, or from Manor Club at Rosewood Hong Kong.

Where is your favourite place to sample local delicacies and why?
Instead of one specific place, I’ll go with one area – which is Kowloon City. Kowloon is a foodie paradise, and when the locals talk about a good hotspot for Chiu Chow or Thai cuisine for example, they’ll most probably think about Kowloon City. Here you can also find the best egg tart at a local bakery. I love dining at local eateries, where I often enjoy a hearty meal with starters, drinks, snack food, entrée, dessert – such as a delicious Chinese sweet soup – and coffee to finish! Whether it is a Cha Chaan Tang, Izakaya, Omakase or noodle place, there is a huge variety and the food quality and overall dining experience never fail to impress.

What are your favourite ‘secret’ experiences that aren’t advertised? 
I can arrange a food adventure tour, where we visit local eateries offering the most delicious and exclusive dishes found in very few places that only locals know about. >>

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Are there major tourist attractions that are worth the hype?
I’d say The Victoria Peak for the Hong Kong skyline. Tourists can get to The Peak in various ways such as by tram or car. Since hiking is becoming more and more popular for tourists, I’d recommend hiking up to The Peak through Lung Fu Country Park or Pokfulam Reservoir.

What one event of the year would you recommend guests experience?
I’d recommend the Mid-Autumn Festival where guests can visit villagers, the bamboo art master, and experience the Fire Dragon Dance, which was inscribed on Hong Kong’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Traditionally, we eat mooncake, moon-bathe, and children hold lanterns while running around the parks. Guests can also participate in mooncake making, lantern making and creative bamboo art. 

What one unmissable activity would you recommend to Rosewood guests?
I’d recommend the Rosewood’s Art & Furniture Hotel Tour, where guests hear unique hotel stories and learn about the history of this vertical estate, while enjoying a cocktail or champagne at the Manor Club to conclude the tour, of course!

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