The richest Oscar nominees of 2024

From Robert Downey Jr., to Ryan Gosling, we take a look at the richest nominees of the year ahead of the Academy Awards

Robert Downey Jr richest Oscar nomineeIt is awards season in Hollywood. A time filled with glitz and glamour as the film industry’s biggest stars celebrate some of the best films of the past year. And it all culminates in the most prestigious awards ceremony of them all: the Academy Awards. This year, the Oscars will be held on 10 March, with Barbie and Oppenheimer — two films that dominated the cultural zeitgeist last year — both gunning for multiple awards. 

This year, Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer is the most nominated film with 11 Oscar nominations under its belt. Cillian Murphy became a first time nominee for playing the titular character, while Nolan was nominated for directing. While Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, which became the first female-directed film to gross over a billion dollars, garnered 8 nominations.Bradley Cooper richest Oscar nomineeSome of the stars of both those films, Robert Downey Jr. and Tempus cover star Ryan Gosling, are among the richest Oscar nominees this year. In fact, Ryan is the highest paid actor on the list of nominees for his role as Ken in Barbie. He is also the third most searched actor in the past year, behind only Robert Downey Jr. and Bradley Cooper.

The richest Oscar nominee this year, however, is Robert de Niro with a net worth of $500 million, who is nominated for his role in Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon. He is followed by Marvel alum Robert Downey Jr., who comes in at $300 million. Bradley Cooper, who is nominated for his lead role in Maestro, a film he also directed, follows close behind at $120 million.Robert de NiroThe richest female Oscar nominee this year is Jodie Foster, nominated for her role in Nyad, with $100 million to her name. Her co-star Annette Bening follows with a net worth of $75 million. Meanwhile Oppenheimer star and first time Oscar nominee Emily Blunt has a net worth of $80 million.

And while Emma Stone, who is nominated for her role in Poor Things, is eighth on the richest Oscar nominees list, she is the third highest paid actor among the nominees. She has previously won an Oscar for her role in La La Land, which also stars Ryan Gosling. Emily BluntEmma’s Poor Things co-star Mark Ruffalo comes in at number nine with a net worth of $35 million. And at number 10, rounding out the list at $25 million is Paul Giamatti, who is nominated for his role in The Holdovers.

Which one of these actors will take the coveted golden statues home? Will Oppenheimer win best picture? Will Robert Downey Jr. finally win his first Oscar? Will Emma Stone win her second Academy award for best actress? Or will Lily Gladstone make history by being the first Native American woman to do so for her role in Killers of the Flower Moon? Only one way to find out.

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