Rediscover the taste of summer with NIO’s perfect pre-mixed cocktail creations

By Freddy Clode | 13 Jun 2020 | Indulge

Curated by award-winning mixologists and delivered to your door, choose from a range of 15 classic cocktails and signature fusions

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* NIO's cocktail selection include the bourbon-based Boulevardier

Is there anything that says summer like a perfectly mixed cocktail in one of London’s elegant rooftop bars? Sadly, it may be some time yet before we can enjoy a twilight aperitif, but thanks to NIO’s collection of fine classic and signature cocktails, there is still a way to capture that refreshing, elegant feel. And all we need is ice. 

Founders Luca and Alessandro Quagliano called on mixologist Patrick Pistolesi – whose world-famous bar Drink Kong in Rome is regularly featured on the World’s Best 50 Bars list – to create a menu featuring 15 individual cocktails ranging from the classics to signature house fusions, all to be delivered straight to our door. 

Together, they have created collections for every taste; starter packs are available in sour, bitter-sweet or dinner party selections, or the more adventurous can build a box for the perfect customised mix. Using premium ingredients from brands such as Diageo, our NIO (which stands for Needs Ice Only) pack arrives ready-mixed and packaged in elegant cardboard sleeves. We simply pinch and tear the corner of each sleeve and pour over ice. Sorted. >>

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* Simply tear the sleeve and pour over ice to achieve quality cocktails

The simplicity of the product is rivalled only by the taste. Whisky fans can enjoy a powerful Old Fashioned, Manhattan or classic Whiskey Sour; gin-lovers will delight in a stylish Gimlet, classic Negroni or Ginproved (a twist on the sour with an interesting blend of rose petals, almonds and orange Curaçao); while Ketel One Vodka marks the base of an elegant Cosmopolitan, Vodka Sour or Garden of Russia (an fragrant twist on a Vodka Sour, complete with elderflower).

NIO also offers versions of our classic summer favourites – such as Tommy’s Margarita and a delicious white rum Daiquiri – meaning the collection has a breadth and depth worthy of any at-home cocktail bar. Whether serving up something more personal at a dinner party or enjoying sunset cocktails in your garden or in nature, with NIO’s selection of perfect aperitifs, all you need is ice. Salute!

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* NIO offers a mix of classic cocktails as well as contemporary twists on our favourite – such as the aromatic Ginproved (pictured)