Rarest Aston Martin cars ever built arrive on the market

Kickstart or expand your rare car collection with a pair of last of their kind Aston Martin cars in a once in a lifetime opportunity

rarest Aston Martin saleIf you’re in the market to expand your luxury car collection, we have some news for you because international Aston Martin specialist, Nicholas Mee & Company, has brought to market a pair of the rarest Aston Martins ever built. 

The cars — a classic DB4 GT Zagato Continuation model and a contemporary DBS GT Zagato — are hand built to the 1960s-original configuration, and utilise a combination of traditional and modern engineering and performance enhancements.

Only 19 of the DB4 GT Zagato models were built in the 1960s, with the vast majority now stashed away in private collections around the world, unlikely to ever be sold, giving collectors a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a piece of automobile history from the DBZ Centenary Collection.The DBS GT Zagato is a tribute to the 60 year collaboration between Aston Martin and Zagato design, and incorporates many of the traditional Zagato styling features, including the signature ‘double bubble’ roof and use of lightweight carbon fibre body panels.

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Both these cars are now available for sale, with both finished in the Aston Martin colour of Caribbean pearl over dark blue hides and both in ‘as delivered’ condition, displaying delivery mileage only. It is the first time the collection has been available on the open market.

Speaking about the sale, founder Nicholas Mee expressed how the demand for these models has always been high.Rarest Aston martin sale“In the 40 or more years I have been dealing in Aston Martin cars, I have never seen demand for the Zagato variants dwindle. They remain irresistible; beautifully crafted, timeless in design and incredibly rare, they’re always near the top of a collector’s wish list,” he said.

“With the DBZ Centenary Collection we have a pair of cars that’s likely to never be repeated by Aston Martin, as it moves away from Continuation models,” he added. “This is a chance to acquire both an icon and a future icon of one of the automotive industry’s most enduring and effective unions.” 

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