Positive Skinfluence: the science-backed skincare products to know now

Tempus brings you the science-backed skincare brands leading the pack for skintellectual consumers

Skin Diligent, skincare

Skin Diligent


Launched in 2021, this London-based French-made cosmeceutical skincare brand was co-founded by microbiome and epigenetic scientist Tule Park, who realised many treatments for skin issues such as acne predated genome and microbiome sciences (epigenetics is the study of how your behaviours and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work). Skin Diligent’s cleansers, serums and supplements are designed for any skin issue, with the brand’s new Cellular Hydration Serum adding moisture, restoring and nourishing – all without disrupting sensitive skin.


Skin Bureaux

Skin Bureaux


Skin Bureaux was founded by aesthetic doctors Charlotte Woodward and Victoria Manning, known for their River Aesthetics clinics in Bournemouth, Lymington and London’s Harley Street. Using hero ingredients such as CBD and CBG, Victoria says the brand is the “first doctor led anti-inflammatory cosmeceutical ranges”, with serums and creams for day and night.


SBTRCT, skincare



Certified B Corp and awarded the Vegan Trademark, SBTRCT is a zero-waste skincare brand that offers solid fundamentals – including solid cleanser, exfoliator, moisturisers and serum – that are free of plastic, palm oil and water. The brand’s retinoid and vitamin C solid products are both world firsts – perfect skincare for the eco-conscious.


Dr David Jack, skincare

Blue Peel Mask, Dr David Jack


Dr David Jack was inspired by clients at his Harley Street clinic to create a skincare regime to promote skin health from the inside out. Launched in 2018, the range of home peels, serums, moisturisers and supplements products target a variety of skin concerns – from acne to healthy sleep – through a variety of active ingredients. Don’t miss the new Blue Face Peel, which blends ceramides, niacinamide, azelaic acid, hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to tackle dry, sensitive skin.


Cellcosmet, skincare



This Swiss skincare brand focuses on the use of cellular extracts in skincare and bodycare products designed to revitalise skin exposed to the stressors of modern living – from pollutants and UVA to diet and stress. Cellcosmet’s signature ingredient – CytoPep Cellular Extracts – is composed of collagen, fibronectin and actin, with all products evaluated in clinical studies. For a full experience, try the newly launched Swiss CellSpa Experience at Ouronyx in Mayfair.


Sensai, skincare



Japanese brand Sensai is famed for its indulgent skincare and cosmetic ranges, with its Saho cleanse and moisture ritual inspired by ancient tea ceremonies. Researchers found that weavers of Koishimaru silk had “youthful silky hands”, and discovered the silk promotes the production of hyaluronic acid – thus, a skincare revolution was born. Now offering digital counselling to match product to individual’s skintype, this is a true spa experience in the home. 


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