Portrait of Hesitation NFT by Nadiia Forkosh goes up for auction

By Tempus | 11 Jun 2021 | Culture, Art

This unique digital piece is accompanied by the original oil-on-canvas work

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An NFT by digital artist Nadiia Forkosh has gone up for auction on digital makers marketplace MakersPlace.com, in collaboration with self-described "phygital" art brand The ARX, a division of Lux Group Holdings.

This remarkable one-of-a-kind artwork is a surrealist take on the shape of human emotions and feelings, an aspect of life which Forkosh frequently explores in her work. The artist uses digital and physical mediums to explore the different forms and colours of the human soul such as when it feels happiness, sorrow, love, hesitation and suffering.

Portrait of Hesitation sees Forkosh illustrate her talent via the digital world and the physical, with the winning bid also receiving a large-scale oil on canvas edition of the piece. This phygital world first auction is the first time MakersPlace has ever auctioned an NFT with the original physical artwork.

The artwork is open for bidding exclusively on MakersPlace and payment can be made with credit card or cryptocurrency, with the auction closing at 9pm BST on 11 June.

NFTs – or ‘Non-Fungible Tokens’ – are taking the art world by storm as a way to collect iconic moments in time, created by digital artists. An NFT is data stored on a digital ledger – or blockchain – certifying the asset is unique and an original. 

The auction is masterminded by The ARX, a revolutionary new art division of Lux Group Holdings, which is designed to offer clients opportunities to acquire and build their own digital art collections, with expert guidance from an ARX curator in residence, and a physical gallery space to display “phygital” works – digital pieces with physical counterparts – for sale via auction.