Piaget launches 150th anniversary high jewellery collection

The luxury jewellery and watch brand is celebrating its landmark anniversary in style by paying tribute to high extravagance and elegance with a series of high jewellery creations

Piaget 150th anniversaryLuxury jewellery and watch brand Piaget is turning 150, and to celebrate this landmark anniversary, the maison is releasing a brand new high jewellery collection that pays homage to the legacy of the brand.

Through this collection, Piaget is rekindling its creative golden years of the 1960s and 1970s, says Piaget jewellery and watch artistic director Stéphanie Sivrière. 

“In 2022, when we began to design the 150 year anniversary collection, it wasn’t about identically reproducing heritage pieces, but rather taking inspiration from them,” says Stéphanie. “Revisiting those values of boldness, originality and elegance that characterise this Maison’s soul at the dawn of modernity.”Piaget 150th anniversarySupported by the exceptional craftsmanship demonstrated at the Piaget High Jewellery workshops in Geneva, these 96 pieces serve as an “invitation to celebrate that art of living”, which the brand defines as cheerful yet sophisticated, extravagant and colourful. 

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The collection, titled Essence of Extraleganza, makes gold the subject, with gemstones a true style element. It boasts rich designs and diverse gemstones, with jewels unveiled in three emblematic Piaget realms: Extraleganza, Piaget Society, and When Mastery Ignites Artistry.Extralenganza is named for its fusion of elegance and extravagance, meant to display the maison’s creativity and avant-garde tastes. The pieces in this set contain stones in gold and light. Piaget Society, on the other hand, celebrates the ‘bold’ side of the brand. Here, richly coloured coloured pieces make use of design and contrast perfectly among gems.

The final realm of this collection, When Mastery Ignites Artistry, does exactly what the name suggests. It brings forward Piaget’s taste in the couture by bringing precious textures to gold, giving the jewels a new fluidity. 

Coiled gold is the common thread that connects this entire high jewellery collection, making it the perfect way to ring in an all-important 150th anniversary for the horology maison.

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