Panerai unveils partnership with extreme adventurer Andy Torbet

By Tempus | 21 Jan 2022 | Style, Design

The British explorer has been named as a "Friend of the Brand"

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Luxury watchmakers Panerai have announced a unique partnership with famed extreme adventurer and stuntman Andy Torbet, this week unveiling the explorer as a Friend of the Brand.

Torbet is known for having built his career working in high-risk environments, from airborne and underwater bomb disposal in the military to a career in stunts and action for science and wildlife documentaries to blockbuster movies. At heart, Andy is an explorer and it’s underwater where he excels. As a cave diver and technical deep-sea diver, he has mapped unknown flooded cave systems and discovered lost shipwrecks. During free dives around the world, Andy has swum with sharks, whales and dolphins and continues to push limits as an aquanaut to explore the mysterious realm that is our blue planet.

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Torbet is also a professional skydiver who has represented the UK in international competition, and is a member of the British team that will compete in the upcoming 2022 World Championships in the USA.

“Panerai has a long history spearheading the design and creation of truly robust, precision instruments for underwater use, especially in zones beyond the reach of light," Torbet said of the watch brand. "They understand once one submerges and leaves dry land behind, time is precious, and control is critical. My work may appear dangerous, but every risk is calculated and controlled. I am often wholly reliant on the technology I carry with me to survive and explore the darkness, whether operating by sea, land, or air."

Jean-Marc Pontroué, Panerai CEO, added: “We are delighted to welcome Andy Torbet into the Panerai family, made of visionary and modern heroes who are able to embark into the most incredible challenges. Andy shows his passion for the marine environment since a very young age, as he became a diver when he was 12, and he hasn’t stopped his commitment since then, taking part into the Marine Conservation Society and acting as an Ambassador for
SeaLife Trust and the Olive Ridley Project."