OMMA offers a safe and scintillating escape in Santorini

By Tempus | 16 Feb 2021 | Travel

This Greek island getaway offers bespoke itineraries in a Covid-safe environment for the ultimate post-lockdown getaway

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Despite its seemingly inescapable presence on postcards and Instagram posts, the iconic island of Santorini in the flesh remains a breathtaking sight. It rises dramatically from the Aegean Sea, its angular, almost cubist architecture shimmering under completely cloudless Greek skies. It is a holidaymaker's dream, both for those who wish to mingle with thousands of other intrepid travellers and those who want a secluded island getway. And for the latter group, Tempus has just the place.

Up in the rugged northern end of the island, where the clustered white houses and their foreign visitors thin out considerably, is one of Santorini's hidden gems; OMMA, a luxurious hideaway which is enticing tourists eager for a post-lockdown trip with a reopening focusing on a mixture of comfort and Covid safety.

Set away from the crowds, this spot is secluded, spacious and ideal for social distancing, and the property embodies the essence of Greek luxury island living with astonishing views of the sea, the immense Santorini caldera, serene sunrises and stunning sunsets.

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The resort has a whole host of launches lined up for 2021, most notably the opening of the OMMA Restaurant, which provides a picture-perfect setting for experiencing Greek cuisine at its finest. Beyond the dreamy setting, the food reflects the pristine credentials of executive chef Dimitris Stamoudis, whose years of experience working in Michelin star restaurants sees him elevate traditional Greek dishes to lofty new heights with innovation and creativity.

Expect a menu that will take you on a journey through every avenue of Hellenic cuisine, in which guests can experience new, tantalising flavours with every course, heightened by only the best, fresh local ingredients. 

Also new for 2021 are the hotel's new personalised itineraries. By completing the pre-arrival form ahead of their stay, guests have the chance to inform OMMA if they are celebrating a special occasion, to make a restaurant reservation in advance, and to advise on the purpose of their trip to ensure OMMA provides an exceptional experience for its patrons.

Furthermore, OMMA can organise tours of the sights and sounds of Santorini in a private, bespoke fashion away from the crowds. tineraries include exploring the volcanic scenery of the island on a motor yacht, wine tasting, exhilarating hiking adventures, archaeological site visits and more.

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Covid-19 safety protocol is also playing an important role in OMMA's reopening; to ensure maximum safety and peace of mind for the ultimate post-pandemic getaway, the hotel has put into place comprehensive hygiene rules. It is committed to regular deep cleaning, sanitisation of all rooms and will provide an abundance of hand sanitiser throughout the complex.

Interaction between guests and staff will be limited, staff will wear masks and gloves (especially when handling food and drinks), social distancing will be enforced in the restaurant, contactless payments will be encouraged and information on hygiene practices will always be provided.  

With exhilarating personalised experiences, a heavenly new restaurant and secure hygiene policies, a holiday to OMMA will be a perfect way to celebrate the end of lockdown.