New York state of mind: Photographer Phil Penman’s STREET exhibition is an ode to NYC

British photographer Phil Penman’s STREET exhibition is shown at London’s Leica Gallery

* West Side Highway, New York 2012.

Acclaimed British-born street photographer Phil Penman’s STREET selling exhibition launched at London’s Leica Gallery on 12 April, paying tribute to the vibrant city streets of New York City. The exhibition of 16 limited edition prints is includes imagery captured over two decades.

Penman’s debut book – also titled STREET – launched in 2019 and was the number one release on Amazon for street photography. It has since become a best seller and recently featured at MOMA, New York. 

The exhibition shows a range of images from every corner of the vibrant city, from New York Businessmen, colourful Harlem streets to urban Skateboarders in Brooklyn. 

“If I was to say what I hope to achieve with my street photography, it would be to keep documenting the ever- changing streets of New York City in all its rat-infested, garbage-mounted glory,” says Penman 

* 42nd Street Project

Images in the exhibition include moody black and white images of steam pouring out of a 5th Avenue subway, a Harlem resident’s matching gold bracelets, skateboarders in Brooklyn and the Roosevelt island sky tram. 

The Duke Street gallery is a fitting venue for the photographer’s work, as he documented his photographs using various Leica M cameras and the Leica SL. “I was sold a Leica M7 by a friend and became addicted to the quality of the glass and simplicity the camera gave me. I was now free to concentrate purely creatively.”

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