LVMH unveils medals for the Olympic Games Paris 2024

The luxury conglomerate announced that it has designed the Olympic Games medals for Paris 2024, with a piece of the Eiffel Tower at the heart of each one

Olympic Medals Paris 2024LVMH is the epitome of French luxury, and it is casting the luxe spotlight straight at the Olympic Games Paris 2024, as the luxury goods conglomerate has unveiled its designs for the Olympic medals for this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The medals were designed by Chaumet, the Parisian luxury jewellery house part of the LVMH group. And for the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, the medals will contain a piece of the original iron of the Eiffel Tower. This iron was preserved during the renovations conducted on the tower in the 20th century, and will now be used as a symbol of French heritage at the Olympic Games. Maison Chaumet is also the first jeweller to ever be enlisted in the making of Olympic medals. 

Beyond infusing the iron of the Eiffel Tower into the centre of these medals, Chaumet also took inspiration from three different elements in an effort to bring the medals into the world of high luxury: the hexagon, radiance and the setting.LVMH Olympic medalsThe iron metal in the centre is in the shape of a hexagon with the Olympic Games logo emblazoned in the middle. The element of radiance comes in with the fine lines projected around the iron hexagon. Struck instead of being engraved, these rays add a 3D effect and sparkle to the medal.

The final element is the setting, which brings both the previous elements together. The hexagon is linked to the medal by a “claw setting” which is traditionally used by the House of Chaumet for its high jewellery creations. 

Six metal appendages have been stamped on the surface and placed at the six corners of the hexagon to enclose the piece of iron against the medal. For the Paris 2024 Games, claws in the shape of “Clous de Paris” were chosen to reflect the rivets of the Eiffel Tower.

The other side of the Olympic and Paralympic medals contain two different stories. The Olympic medal tells the story of the revival of the Olympic Games in Greece. Nike, the goddess of victory is depicted in the foreground as she emerges from the Panathenaic Stadium, where the Olympic Games were revived in 1896, with the Eiffel Tower also joining the background to represent its current location. The Paralympic Games medals depict a low angle view under the Eiffel Tower.Antoine Arnault, head of LVMH image and environment, highlighted how the medals help forge LVMH’s role as the creative partners of the Olympic Games Paris 2024, while also championing French high jewellery.

“In a close creative dialogue between Paris 2024 and Chaumet, the artisans of the Maison delved into their archives and explored powerful symbols of Olympism to imagine a medal inspired by high jewellery creations. Building on its centuries of rich history, Chaumet is writing a new page that will remain engraved in the heritage of the Maison for eternity,” Antoine said in a statement.

Echoing similar sentiments, Tony Estanguet, president of Paris 2024 said that this collaboration has made the medal “a combination of the most coveted object in the Games and the most iconic symbol of Paris”.

“Thanks to Chaumet, the medal for the Paris 2024 Games becomes a veritable objet d’art, a jewel that brings together the radiance of Paris and the crowning achievement of all those who will ascend the podiums during the Olympics and Paralympics,” he added.

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