Le Gemme Reali: Bulgari's bejewelled new perfume trio is fit for an empress

By Michelle Johnson | 29 Mar 2018 | Style, Leaders

Inspired by the Byzantine Empress who was renowned for her beauty and intellect, Le Gemme Reali is a sensational new perfume collection

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* Bulgari's Le Gemme Reali: master perfumer Alberto Morillas crafted Le Gemme Reali, taking influence from the sixth century Empress Theodora

At Bulgari's elegant boutique on New Bond Street, a unique £900,000 platinum necklace adorned with precious emerald, rubies and rare sapphires sits on display in homage to the Byzantine Empress that has inspired the brand's newest trio of Le Gemme perfumes. Master perfumer Alberto Morillas crafted Le Gemme Reali, taking influence from the sixth century Empress Theodora, who was renowned for her superior intelligence, beauty and fascinating rise to power.

Inspired by Theodora's love of colourful jewels, Nylaia (sapphire), Veridia (emerald) and Rubinia (ruby) are each held in a black glass amphorae bottle that, for the very first time, Bulgari has topped with a corresponding precious gem cabochon. As a nod to the brand's Roman heritage, each lid is adorned with a gold, eight-pointed star taken from the architecture of the Piazza del Campidoglio in the Italian capital.

"Fragrances as jewels, set as stones," said Marillas. "I constructed this trilogy around the sapphire, emerald and ruby, inspired by the way Bulgari cuts and polishes them. It was a case of a creating a strong emotion with a few words, and to express the intensity of their colour – blue, green or red – with the boldness which is anything but Baroque, and the modernity that brings Bulgari to life as a jeweller."

Nylaia, the sapphire, is a warm and floral fragrance of oriental flowers honouring Kashmir, with a blue iris resin base and jasmine sambac and white musk notes. "It's a sensual scent that stays warm on your skin. Both sapphire and iris resin represents royalty, aristocracy, nobility. If you wear something with iris at its heart you immediately feel it in yourself." >>

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* Bulgari's Le Gemme Reali on display at Bulgari's New Bond Street boutique

With a vibrant green emerald, Veridia is influenced by Byzantine gardens, combining earthy scents of frankincense and bourbon vanilla, patchouli and galbanum. "There's a sensation of long-lasting freshness, but at the same time it contains the magnetism of the emerald stone."

Finally, Rubinia – the ruby – is a deep and desirable amber-based scent featuring sandalwood and copaiba, and high notes of mandarin and tonka beans. "Rubinia reflects passionate love. In this fragrance Bulgari has created a calming elixir full of passion and intensity. It is luminous and sensual, with a flamboyant sandalwood at its heart."

Le Gemme Reali joins Bulgari's outstanding trios; Le Gemme, Masculine, Orientale and Imperiali. All three of the perfumes are available at £235 per 100ml.

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* Bulgari's Le Gemme Reali on display with their base ingredients at the brand's New Bond Street boutique