International Women's Day: Mumble Forum Gala returns to London

By Tempus | 08 Mar 2022 | Leaders, Philanthropy

The networking event for mothers is back, celebrating IWD's #breakthebias campaign with expert panel talks

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Famed women's advocacy organisation Mumble Forum has announced the return of its Annual Charity Gala, scheduled for International Women's Day on the evening of 22 March in London.

Describing itself as a global networking platform for mothers, Mumble Forum's mission is, in its own words, to "inspire social change, empower mothers and encourage future generations", and its acclaimed gala serves as a fun-filled, glamorous night on which to network and connect with likeminded women.

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This year's event will be held in support of Women for Women International, a charity that reaches out to and helps women survivors of war rebuild their lives. Furthermore, the event will be held in association with UNWOMEN and their #generationequality campaign. The evening will bring Mumble's community of founders, industry leaders, influencers and philanthropists together with a panel talk, luxury charity raffle, goody bags, drinks and canapé, and all proceeds will go to Women for Women International.

This year, the IWD campaign theme will be #breakthebias, and the Mumble gala will mark this theme with an intriguing panel talk, celebrating women's achievements whilst discussing how to break the bias women still encounter and create a future free of stereotypes and discrimination. 

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Mumble Forum was founded in 2019 by Panama-born Monique Hodgson, Ambassador for AllBright and contributing Editor of 'WOTC Mama' Magazine, in 2019. She created the forum with the aim of uniting women through motherhood with social impact initiatives, and has since expanded the forum to a combined online audience of 4+ million women. 

“The moment I lost myself in motherhood was also the moment for an opportunity to find my feet again and stand even taller than before," she says on the forum's website. "Becoming a mother has been a transformative experience that led me to discover an immense sense of purpose and the incredible power of building a community focussed on giving the tools for growth both individually and collectively, in order to build a better society."‚Äč