Hublot unveils first-ever minute repeater in ceramic

By Tempus | 21 Apr 2022 | Design

The Big Bang Cathedral Minute Tourbillon Repeater is remarkable feat of watchmaking

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Iconic Swiss watchmaker Hublot has become the first Maison in the world to design, manufacture and assemble a minute repeater in ceramic. 

The watchmaker has described the creation of the Big Bang Cathedral Minute Tourbillon Repeater as "a colossal challenge" as ceramic is an "extremely hard material both to machine and finish".

"The colouring of the ceramic also requires exceptional precision in firing to obtain a perfectly homogeneous result, and until now has it not been possible to obtain a clear and powerful sound within a 100% ceramic case," the brand continues.

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The watch, which measures just 43mm, will be available in two colours and limited to just 18 pieces; 12 pieces in black ceramic and six pieces in white ceramic. The tourbillon is is housed in a MHUB801 calibre, with manual winding, providing 80 hours of power reserve, in other words more than three days.

A unique and fascinating watch, the Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Cathedral Minute Repeater is available exclusively in Japan and is priced at $295,000 USD.

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Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot CEO, said of the design: “Being the first, different and unique has never been truer than for this Big Bang Integral Minute Repeater Ceramic.

"The first ceramic minute repeater in the world, the first Integral Big Bang in black ceramic, the first with a tourbillon: Hublot is pushing the limits of fine watchmaking far, very far. But as always, we do not see it as a zenith: it is a milestone which, in turn, will open up new horizons leading us to other horological explorations.”