How to create a luxury home spa in lockdown

14 Feb 2021 | Indulge
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Winter is still here and the UK is stuck in lockdown. So now, more than ever, it’s important to take the time to look after yourself. You could think about creating a home spa experience. This would give you an opportunity to switch-off rest from the rest of the world and relax. Here's how you can create a haven for yourself. 

Jacuzzi and Sauna

Firstly, the biggest investment would have to be a jacuzzi and/or sauna for your home, which, professionally installed, simultaneously adds value to your house in the future. There are barrel saunas available for your garden with straight forward assembly, or alternatively a blow-up hot tub can easily be set up by yourself. You can get use air compressors to make the job easier or, of course, you could simply run a hot bath. Pick the option which is right for you and your home. 

Use the Senses

Once you know where you'll be spending your evening, it’s time to set up the ambience. Be sure to focus on all the senses here: soft lighting - like fairy lights or candles - to create the right mood. Invest in soft robes and towels which make you feel comfortable. Set up a diffuser with soothing scents. A beverage can also add to the experience, whether it’s cucumber water or a glass of Prosecco. This simple addition can make your spa night feel that bit more special. The final touch? A playlist of relaxing music to accompany the evening. 

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What’s a spa night without treatments? There are so many spa DIY experiences you can try. It can be something as simple as face masking, popping in a bath bomb or experimenting with exfoliating. Pick a treatment that makes you feel good. If there’s a lot of different ones you like the sound of, you can use this as an excuse to have a spa night more often. Remember, it’s so important that you take time during the week to look after yourself. 

Switch Off 

To make the most of your home spa experience, you need to let yourself relax and leave your phone behind. It may be tempting to unwind watching TV as you soak but use this time as an opportunity to unwind rather than distract yourself. You could practise mindfulness. Some people get intimidated by the world mindfulness but what it boils down to is noticing the present moment. What’s going on around you, as well as your own thoughts and feelings. 

Create a relaxing evening for yourself at home, you deserve some time for yourself to relax and recharge. What would your perfect spa night be like?